Join us as we go on a Safari.  Here you will encounter a variety of amazing animals!  Join us as we travel from the deserts of Africa to the jungles of South America!  Get ready for a close encounter with a variety of exotic mammals, insects, birds, reptiles and more!  Some of the wonderful creatures you may encounter are: Aquilla the Hedgehog, Rehab the Fennec Fox, a young Alligator,  Exotic bird,  Armadillo  and more!  

Details:  7-8 animals   45 minute program  $275 plus travel.

Important Notes:
This is one of our most popular programs.  
With this option WE choose the animals that we think would best fit the age, size and interest of the group.  The animals coming will also be based on what other programs we have that day and what baby/young animals we are currently working with.   We do not guarantee any  particular animal with this program.  You may request some of the wonderful smaller exotic animals and those request can normally be fulfilled.  You may even request some of our more popular 'higher maintenance ' exotics and these requests will be taken seriously but not always be fulfilled!
Click here to view pictures.             Booking Details      Ready to Book
Click here to view pictures!            Booking Details       Ready to Book
Call or email us and we will check and see if the date you would like is available!
Serving Georgia and Surrounding States! (706) 348 7279
What can I get 
for $200!
Zippity Zoo Options
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Choice dates fill up fast!
Book your event as soon as possible!
(We recommend booking at least one month ahead of time)
 A $5.00 processing fee will be added to last minute programs.
Ready to book a program?
or just have a few questions?
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Birthday Parties 
Great also for other Parties and Themed Events! 

Description: Get ready for Close Encounters with some incredible scaly and slimy animals.  Join us as we take a look at some of the Biggest, Scariest and Coolest looking reptiles around!  Get a chance to see what "scaly" animals really feel like!   This party includes some of the following animals: Saul the Alligator, Goliath the Massive Monitor, Micah the HUGE Tortoise, Crikey the Crocodile.  At the end of the party the animal handler will line the guest up to help hold a huge 10-14 ft python!  An unforgettable experience for all involved! 
Don't see what you are looking for? 
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a program for you!
Planning on going all out? 
What are some of our bigger packages?
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Click here for pictures of the Safari and Cowboy hats
A $100 Deposit is required to hold your spot.

We now can take Mastercard or Visa over the phone for a deposit.  The balance for the program will need to be paid by check or cash on the day of the event since we cannot process credit cards while on the road.

Once we have confirmed your date and spot you will have the option of providing your deposit by credit card or mail.
We allow 5 days for a deposit to arrive.  If your deposit does not arrive your spot will be terminated.   
Once we receive your deposit and directions we will give you a confirmation call
*If you are booking less then 2 weeks in advance you will be required to provide your deposit by credit card.
The rest of the payment is due upon receipt.

Deposit may be sent to:  
Wildlife Wonders
P.O. Box 2237  
Cleveland GA 30528

We are located in Cleveland GA,   North of 985 and 400
Directions are very important!  We cannot get to your location without them.  So it is vital that you provide us with precise directions either via mail OR email.   We do not take directions over the phone.
If you are going to use mapquest or another Internet service, Please check the directions before sending them.  We have found many times people will send us those only for us to find them incomplete.

A ZOO TO YOU-Wildlife Wonders
Address: P.O. 2237 Cleveland GA 30528
Phone: 706 348-7279

Wildlife Wonders
(Click for larger view)
Some of the farm friends you may encounter are:
Looking for more Themes and Ideas.  
Go to our Theme Events page for even more options and ideas!
Click here

Enjoy other themes such as...
Creatures of the Night
The Soft and Cuddlies.
Tails and Scales
To view photos of the Petting Zoo and Pony Rides
Click here
Want to design your own party/event?
Want to choose your animals? Click here!
We have gentle, cute adorable ponies!  They are brushed and cleaned with matching halters and saddles ready to make your child's Birthday unforgettable

Add Pony/Donkey  to Petting Zoo, Amazing Animal Petting, Zippity Zoo: $125 for 1 hour       
This includes an extra attendant with the pony.

Add a Pony/Donkey to non trailer program  $175 for 1 hour

For 1 riding Pony/Donkey at your party for 1 hour  $225  **Plus travel

Note:  These prices are for small to medium ponies holding up to 80 lbs.  
 You can reserve a pony or horse with a 125lb to 200lb weight limit for an additional fee.

Unicorn Rides:  The cutest Unicorns around.. lots of dazzle, glitter,  shimmering horn, flowers and more! 
                                              Add $75 to the cost of the pony ride.
Princess Pony pony is dressed up with bows, flowers and glitter! 
                               Add $50 to cost of pony ride
Cowboy Pony-  Pony is dressed with bandanas and a cowboy hat is brought along or the children to wear while riding!  
                              Add $50 to the cost of the pony ride.

A Knights Pony-  Pony is dressed for the the best of the knights.  Pony comes with  traditional body covering and head covering.

My Little Pony-   Pony has a painted mane and tail.. pink, purple, green or colors to go  along with your favorite little pony or party theme.                                    A few bows and braids are  also in place to make her look extra cute.  Add $50 to cost  of the pony ride

Fairytale  Pony Pony is decked out with bows, braids, glitter, flowers  and even a few butterflies are in place!  plus the pony has a colorful                                    mane and tail.  Add $75 to the cost of the pony ride.

Donkey rides- popular with shrek fans! and Eeyer fans!  Our little donkey can even comes with a pink bow on his tail!  HUGE HIT for all ages!  

**A Second Attendee/Handler dressed as a PrincessFairy or Cowboy to help children on and off the pony and to interact with the guest while waiting for their pony rides creating the perfect atmosphere to any party:  $125 for 1 hour

BOTTLE BABIES available for the birthday child to feed!  (inquire: seasonal availability)
Looking for something unique, different and wildly fun for your child's Birthday?  
 Well check out our live animal party packages!  
Wait till your child hears that many of the animals at Wildlife Wonders havebeen on TV! 
Is your child a fan of the Animal  Planet?  Discovery?
 We have the party for you!
Think this is just for the kids?
  Think again...We have done parties for all ages! over the hill parties, retirement parties, holiday get together's, family reunions and more!  You are never too old or too young to enjoy one of our amazing animals party.  
Fun, educational, hands on, interactive and customized for the age of the participants involved! 
Here's How It Works!

(This does not apply for petting zoos or pony rides. Click here for more details on petting zoo/pony rides.)
You select from the above theme parties..
A professional animal handler/wildlife educator (also known as the Safari Guide!) will arrive at your party approximately 15 minutes before your desired start time.  The animals will be in traveling carriers with the exception of the petting zoo/pony rides or other customized parties.  The animal handler will be dressed in proper attire for your theme party.  He/she will then make sure that the birthday child or guest of honor gets the proper "star" time.  The birthday child will then become the "assistant Safari Guide". (We realize that some children are more shy than others and may not want to be the center of attention.  Our professional staff is very aware of each individual and we NEVER push a child into doing something they do not want to do.)  The animal handler usually will have the guests sit in a semi-circle on the ground or on chairs.  The animal handler begins the program by going over some basic rules that are very important when dealing with live animals.   Now for the real fun.. LIVE ANIMALS! The animal handler will take out one animal at a time, share fun facts about the animal, show off some of the animal's wildly cool traits and then allow for the birthday child to help with the some of the animals. Throughout the show the animal handler will bring around different animals for the guests to pet.  There is only one animal out at a time.  Most shows come with 8-9 animals and last 45 minutes.   
Safari party   "Our most popular"

Details: 9-10 animals   45 minute program  $275/$325 plus travel.

Cost for party with large 3-4 foot crocodile or alligator $325
Cost for party with a medium sized crocodile or alligator (11-14 inches) $275
Add GIANT 90lb tortoise!   $175  (big enough for kids to get their picture on his back!)

Reptile Encounter    "For all those crocodile and snake  fans"
Click here to view pictures!            Booking Details       Ready to Book
Description:   Join us as we travel through the rainforest.   The dense tropics are full of wonderful, amazing creatures.  Listen for the sounds of the tropics.  Learn all about monkeys, their antics and how that which makes them great survivors in the wild makes them mischievous at the zoo.  Get up close to a beautiful parrot! Other animals from the rainforest you may encounter are:  tarantula, young crocodile, boa constrictor, monkey tail skink, armadillo,  tree frog, porcupine, coati,  bushbaby
Details:   7-8 animals   45 minute program  $300/$325 plus travel.
$325:  with a  Monkey   $300 with a Parrot  instead of a monkey
$350  both the parrot and monkey

Important Notes:
Monkey notes:The ambassador monkeys here at Wildlife Wonders have wonderful stories and antics, the guest will get to see up close a monkey but WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TOUCH THE MONKEY.  We ask that parents be with children under the age of 5.
Parrot notes:   You may request a certain parrot but we do not guarantee which ones will be their.  The parrot that typically comes with the rainforest is the Amazon parrots,  they are cute, funny and the birthday child can get his picture taken with them!    If you want to guarantee or add  the performing parrot. 
To add the Performing Parrot:  $75.  
You may request certain rainforest or smaller exotics and we normally can fulfill those request but again do not guarantee.  
Other themes that have been done with this program
Dora the explorer (monkey, fox and pettable animals such as rabbit, silky chicken, chinchilla, etc) preschool age- we recommend a 25 min. show and 20 minutes for petting at the end.
Pirate Adventures:  Get your picture with a parrot or baby crocodile meet other jungle friends  
 *Other pirate theme options click here.

    Rainforest Adventures "For Monkey  and Parrot Fans!
Description:   Let's trek into the outback.  Australia is home to some of the most amazing and unique animals around.  Join us as we get up close and personal with some of Australia's most well known animals and to those little known creatures of Australia.   Join us as we take a look at animals such as a young kangaroo,, young crocodile, jungle carpet python, blue tongue skink, bearded dragon, laughing kookaburra or cockatoo, a close relative of the echidna...the hedgehog, and White's tree frog.

Details:  7-8 animals   45 minute program  $325 plus travel.

Add New Guinea Singing Dogs:  $50 (Yes they actually sing. (closest relative to the Dingo!)  These guys are here all the way from San Diego Zoo.   They are part of a conservation program to preserve this very rare Wild Dog.   They love to show off their singing and climbing skills at programs!

Important Notes:
Kangaroos are alert animals by nature.  They are constantly listening and looking for danger.  Therefore they require our most experienced animal handlers.  We are not worried about our kangaroos hurting anyone but a scared kangaroo can hop and injure itself out of fear.  That is what we will not have happen.  How do we make sure this does not happen?  We do not bring out the kangaroo till everyone is quiet and listening.  We are very serious about this.  If the kangaroo is relaxed the birthday child will have a chance to pet the kangaroo.  If you have an exceptional group and the kangaroo is completely content then we will allow others to pet the kangaroo also.  
    Australian Outback  "a real live joey or young kangaroo"
Description:   Join us as we travel across Africa.  We will be visiting with animals from the deserts of Africa, the rain forest and even from the savanna's of Africa.  What animals are found where?  Join us to find out.  Here you will have the option of choosing a visit from one of our younger wild cats or a Lemur!  Other animals you will encounter are:  African pygmy hedgehog, Savannah monitor lizard, ball python, desert African pygmy hedgehog, Savannah monitor lizard, ball python, Fennec fox, scorpion, crocodile, Madagascar hissing cockroach.  Limited time only- a Serval Kitten instead of the Caracal, call now for more info! 

Details:   7-8 animals   45 minute program   $300/$325 plus travel 
$300 -  with the Lemur   $325-  with a wildcat instead of  the lemur  $350- includes both

Important Notes:
Caracal, Bushbaby, Lemur are not hands on animals. If the birthday child is cooperative.. he/she may have the opportunity to feed the lemur or bushbaby which allows for a great photo opportunity!

    Out Of Africa  "Leapin Lemurs and African Wildcats!"
Description:  North America is home to some of the most majestic and mysterious animals around.  Join us as we unravel some of the truths surrounding these amazing animals.  Get up close to some of America's most endangered species.   On this journey you may encounter either a Wolf or Canadian lynx Kitten, woodchuck, opossum, alligator, corn snake, pine snake, alligator snapping turtle, armadillo.

Details:  7-8 animals  45 minute program  $300/$325 plus travel.

Important Notes:
The cost to bring the Wolf  $325  (recommended for 10 years or older)
To bring along one of our wolf ambassadors requires our most experienced animal handlers.  This program also requires us to allow extra time for our wolf to walk/exercise outside of his carrier due to his size and energy level.   
The cost to bring the Lynx $300 (recommended for 7 years or older)
The cost without either of the above but all other animals the same is $250 (recommended for all ages)

Ad on Options:  OWL:   $75

You may request certain smaller animals and we normally can fulfill those request but again do not guarantee.  
    Wild America  "for those taken by the mysterious wolf" 
Description:   Meet all kinds of cool bugs and animals that need them!  
This program comes with a hissing cockroach, giant leaf bug, giant millipede, tarantula, emperor scorpion and some really cool animals that enjoy them such as a bearded dragon  frog, skunk or bushbaby, red/gold pheasant, hedgehog, armadillo and/or others.

Details: 8-9 animals  45 minute program  $275 plus travel.

Important Notes:
You may request certain smaller animals and we normally can fulfill those request but again do not guarantee.  
 Bugs and FRIENDS! "children love bugs!"
Miniature Farm Friends Petting Zoo!

The cutest,  the most lovable,  the cleanest,  the friendliest and most unique petting zoo animals around!

With this choice we bring Lovable, FriendlyClean miniature farm animals.  These animals are set up in an attractive fenced in area where children and adults alike can come gather around and pet these animals and even feed them a few treats!   
The petting zoo can be customized to certain themes such as "Princess party"  where the girls can "dress" up the pony or other farm friends with bows and such or "Wild West"  where we bring along a cowboy hat and chaps for the birthday boy to wear! 

8-9 Adorable Miniature Farm Friends!  $275 plus travel
12-13 Farm Friends $425  plus travel

We set up for one hour.  (see Petting Zoos for more then one hour)

(to see pictures of the animals simply click on the animal you would like to view) 

8-9 animal petting zoo 1-2 of the below will come
12-13 animal petting zoo 2-3 of the below will come

*Miniature horse  Miniature donkey  *Miniature cow   Alpaca Llama

Plus 7-10 (depending on size of petting zoo you choose) of the below             

*Potbelly Piglets  (watch those little tails wag!)    
 *Nigora goat (cute curley coat!)               
Miniature goats  (From little tiny Nigerians Dwarfs who love attention, Floppy eared mini nubians who like to cuddle plus others!
*Silky chicken (looks like a furry chicken!) and other crazy cool little chickens
*Rex rabbit, Lionheads, Lop Rabbits and HUGE Flemish Giant Rabbits, (we have silky, fluffy, spotted, tiny and giant breeds of rabbits!)
*Miniature Sheep (From babydolls with adorable fuzzy faces to the rare spotted mini harlequins and others!)
*Turkey, Crested Ducks,  Mini Ducks and more! 
Fantail pigeons (amazingly beautiful tails)

  TIBETAN ROYAL YAK!  Yaks are fuzzy and adorable.. every child knows the Y is for YAK but have they ever seen one?  click here for pictures  $100

*Mini horse to dress up (comes with bows, ribbons, glitter for the children to dress up)  $100

*Check out the  Racing Stripes Theme party with a  zebra and the above farm animals!  CLICK HERE

*Our set up is very clean and we leave no mess behind!
*We take pride in having clean, healthy, people oriented farm friends.
*BUT we do have rules!  These rules help keep our animals safe, happy and not afraid of humans!   
*We can set up indoors or outdoors.
*Additional fees may apply for special arrangements such as:  Setting up a shade canopy if you cannot provide adequate shade or Setting up a full petting zoo inside.

Click here to view pictures!            Booking Details       Ready to Book
Click here to view pictures!            Booking Details       Ready to Book
Click here to view pictures!            Booking Details       Ready to Book
Click here to view pictures!            Booking Details       Ready to Book
Click here to view pictures!            Booking Details       Ready to Book
Click here to view pictures!            Booking Details       Ready to Book
Simply click on one of the below options  to learn more or create your own party!  
*45-60 minute programs
*7-9 animals
*The birthday child or guest of honor   gets lots of  extra attention and         special hands  on opportunities.
*Many packages to choose from.
*Add on options include:  Coloring   sheets,  bookmarks,  safari hats, cowboy hats and tattoos.
Here's How it works!         Booking Details             Ready to book
Booking Details:

Travel Fee:There is a travel fee. 
 Click here to get an estimate of your travel fee.

Add on 
 Safari Hats and Cowboy Hats $3.00 - click here
T-Shirts $10.00 - click here
Bookmarks or coloring sheets:  $10 for up to 35.
Face painting and temporary tattoo services.  $75 -$150
Click here to view our latest styles of cool kids tattoos!

** We recommend keeping birthday parties
    under 15 children for maximum interaction.
**Additional fees will be added for over 35 children
red kangaroo joey at school
Capuchin Monkey

Meet a macaw, crocodile, raven and other animals a pirate may run into.  Or just have a pirate and his parrot!
Click here for more details

Description:   Asia is a place of Extremes and the animals fit right in. Small Clawed Otters who are playful & highly intelligent. Have fun watching them play and investigate.  This program takes you throughout Asia- to extreme territories. From the rain forest,  to the mountains,  lowlands and much more.  For those who are looking for a creative new theme- the Orient Travels is a wonderful option.. deck out your party in Oriental decor and we will bring the orient animals!  From the Otter  to the Asian Muntjac deer, a brightly colored red/gold Pheasant,  a turtle or tortoise,  legless lizard,  silky chicken plus others.  Asia has many amazing animals!!
Details:  7-8 animals  45 minute program  $350 plus travel. 

       Get Creative           Go Extreme      Go Orient    
The Cost to bring bring the Otter is $400
Go ORIENT - add a oriental flair to your next party!  
Go EXTREME- a place of extreme climates- mountains to rain forest to rivers- this allows for  all types of creative decor ideas for your upcoming party for boys and girls!  Asia is full of reptiles, mammals and birds.. Call it Orient travels or Asian Extremes!  whichever theme you want to go with.. the same animals come but a different "approach" to the program!

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS PROGRAM,  see other animal options click here!
Asian Extremes,  Orient Travels    "The Otter and swinging Gibbon Ape"
Click here to view pictures!            Booking Details       Ready to Book
Charlotte is winning the hearts of children and adults alike.  We are making the big screen come to real life! Meet Charlotte's farm friends including the cutest piggy's, goats, chickens and more plus a trained rat and a Charlotte look alike!  a not so dangerous tarantula
Safari Party                       Rainforest Adventure             Asian Extreme               Reptile Encounte
Out of Africa                     Australian Outback                     Wild America                 Bugs and Friends
 Amazing Animal Petting Zoo                 Farm Friends Petting Zoo!                  Pony Parties/Unicorn rides               
Get ready as the safari guides, fully outfitted, take you on an adventure of a lifetime.  Join them as they encounter a variety of wild animals in this fun and fast paced show.  
 This show will include one of the primates such as the Lemur, Monkey or Bushbaby.   A  12-14 foot snake,   a large alligator or crocodile,  an armadillo, skunk, fox  or blonde racoon. 1 of the following: A kangaroo, bearcat, wildcat, 1 of the following birds: parrot, hornbill, touraco, kookaburra, owl   
*This show has been customized  for small groups so that it can be done in a backyard, inside or outside.  The show comes with safari music,  a backdrop,   2 handlers and really cool animals 
Safari Adventure  " It's SHOW TIME"
Details:          6-7 show animals:    3-4 hands on animals for petting 
                      25-30 minute show (depending on age,  attention span of the audience)  
          30 minutes to meet/pet  a few of the animals at the end of the show.  
these animals may or may not be the same animals in the show.  
$600 plus travel.   **You may request your animals but we do not guarantee them.
$900 plus travel.  *You may choose your exact animals based on the guidelines above.

Notessee side bar for important notes.
You may substitute the 3-4 hands on animals for a picture session with 2 animals.  
 To add an additional 30 minutes for pictures or for 30 minutes of additional hands on: $100
Click here to view pictures!            Booking Details       Ready to Book
We have gotten many request to do stage shows for birthday parties and small groups that we have created a Stage Show package for small groups and birthdays!  
While the stage show will still have your favorite actors and animal friends.  Some of the more reserved and less laid back animals will not be coming out. 
The cougar and wolf are NOT option for this show .as it is to fact paced and in small groups, quick set up we do no have the time to prepare the audience nor those types of animals properly.
If your party is more then 50 guests you must book from our regular STAGE SHOW Options.

8-9 animals:  $425         12-13 animals:  $550
Customized for birthday parties and small events  lasting 1 hour.
If you are looking at booking more then one hour or booking for larger events. 
click here Petting Zoo/Amazing Animal petting zoo events page
 8-9 animals:  includes petting zoo animals listed above Plus 2 of the following
 Giant Tortoise (25lbs and up) , Bearded Dragon (a very hands on,  friendly, cool looking  lizard)  Tibetan Yak, 
 Cavy (kangaroo type animal), Muntjac deer (miniature deer).  
12-13 animals:  the same as above with more animals Plus 3 of the above
Zippity Zoo The lower cost option!  Create your own theme.  Choose from Reptiles, Fuzzy and Feathered Friends and more! $200 and up
Customized  Parties - create your own package click here. $250 and up
SAFARI ADVENTURE - Customized for birthday parties and small events by popular demand!

EVEN MORE THEMES!  (inquire about prices on below themes.)
Pirate Encounter - Meet a pirate and his parrot plus!           Over the Hedge
Bambi (seasonal availability) baby deer and friends such as Thumper the rabbit and the wise owl.. -     
Dora the Explorer!  monkey, fox, snake   
Go Diego Go -  Learn more about animal rescue, meet a variety of animal friends.  
Harry Potter owl, rat, giant frog, tarantula 

 **Ask us about age appropriate recommendations**              For ages 1-99!
Go Diego Go
 A mix of South American pettable animals such as llama, goats,  along with  a few jungle animals such as an
Armadillo,Chinchilla, lizard, snake, caiman crocodile.  
We provide a fun presentation about 20 minutes with the jungle animals and a petting area where the kids can pet at their leisure.  
Geared toward preschool age!
1 hours $350  
8-9 animals
Have a  Lemur at your party!  
 Book the Out of Africa / Madagascar!
Wildly Fun!  Super Educational!  Uniquely Different,  Trained Professional Staff, 
 Super Star Animals,  Hands On!      Simply an experience you won't forget!
Zoo Displays
Petting Zoos
Stage Shows
Zippity Zoo
Pony Rides