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    A close-up look at the "Wonders" of God's Creation
Live Animal Presentations    Petting Zoos       Zoo Displays    Live Nativity    Easter Plays and more!!
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Great for:  Church, School Groups, Outreach Ministries   Sunday School,  Church Festivals and Picnics, V.B.S.,  Camps,  Youth Groups,  Special Events, Easter,  Christmas   and more!
All God's Creatures  Presentations
*A 30-60 minute live animal presentation            *8-9 animals from alligators to monkeys 
**Large groups or Small groups (hands on for small groups)
Here we talk about some of the amazing animals that God has created, what makes them so special and our God given responsibility to care for His creation.  During our presentation we "go back to Genesis" and always end with a reminder that God created each of us extra special.

Other Programs Include:
What was Noah's Ark like?                 Evolved or Created? Back to Genesis,   The Wonders of God's Creation

**Call us and we can customize a program for you!
All God's Creatures 
Exotic animal display and/or Petting Zoo
These displays/petting zoos  are the same set up as the zoo display and/or petting zoo (click here to learn more) 
We provide signs telling about each animal and how God created it special.  We also have verses on display that reference back to God's amazing creation and his mighty hand in it all.
We can also provide mini presentations for longer events (over 3 hours).  In these presentations we share even more amazing  facts about the animals and their amazing creator! 
Wildlife Wonders Fun Facts:

Many of our animals are named after Bible Characters

Our Petting Zoo and Zoo Display signs tell about how God made these animals special and some interesting facts on the character they may be named after

Our presentations are full of references to the Bible and continually point back to God as the creator of Life

The Animals can and have been used in Nativity Scenes, Bible illustrations, Easter plays and more!
God's Wild Kingdom!  Stage Show!
*This is a one of a kind Show! 
*Experience some of the most amazing wild animals that God has created!
*30-45 minute show 
**time to interact with the zookeeper's and the option of touching a large snake at the end. 
 *includes 7-8 of our larger animals 
 (ex:cougar, wolf, hawk, bearcat. kangaroo, crocodile, 12ft snake, )
** A stage or blocked off area is required!
** Wildlife Wonders provides a backdrop and headset.
** If the area that the show is to be performed in is not secure we ask that you provide dedicated volunteers to make sure that students/public do not wander into off limits areas.  If you cannot provide volunteers Wildlife Wonders will provide them for a minimal fee.
We are excited how God has been able to use this ministry as a wonderful witnessing and teaching tool..
Tom and I stand on the fact that these are "all God's creatures"  created by Him and are His masterworks.  
Learning about and experiencing some of God's amazing creatures can help us appreciate God all the more.  There are many wonderful lessons to be learned from His creation.  Seeing and touching some of God's wonderful creatures can also help us experience Genesis in a real and living way!
God has given us the opportunity to act as caretakers of some of His wonderful animals and we are always grateful for the opportunity
 to share with others what God has given us.
Hope and Tom Bennett
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  Vacation Bible School  2016
Check out some of the new themes!
    Submerged, Cave Quest, Barnyard Roundup
  & other great themes
We would be happy to customize your VBS theme
  We love sharing God's creatures in a creative and fun way so that everyone can learn more about our Creature and learn from His Creation!