Sponsorship and Donations

Sponsorship and Donations:
While Wildlife Wonders does bring in much of it's funding from doing outreach programs,  this funding alone does not come close to covering all the costs involved here at Wildlife Wonders.   This is where our sponsors play an important role.  You can become a sponsor by simply donating monetary gifts towards a specific project, goal, or fund.    You may have supplies or services that we could use.   All sponsors are listed on our sponsors page.   We will provide your company with a thank you,  company logo,  link to your website and information about your company.  For large sponsorship we will have the sponsors listed on our sponsor board which is put up at large events, a recognition dinner and behind the scenes tour of Wildlife Wonders for the family.
Some of the specific areas that we could use sponsors for are:
Veterinary Care:
Housing and Food:
Sponsor a new enclosure  (a recognition plaque will be placed on the cage plus.)
Sponsor a program:  Help provide funds for a specific program and you will receive public recognition and a plaque.

Supplies needed:  Large and Small

Everyday items:
Produce,  livestock feeds,  meats,     Grass seed:  Bermuda, Fescue,  Rye
Lime for pastures    building materials          office supplies

Larger items:
freezer     trailers    refrigerator     storage shed        laptop computer
Read  more about What's in store for the future. To learn other ways to become involved!

Training available now for Petting Zoo and Pony Ride assistant/ supervisor.  
Experience with livestock, ponies  is a plus but if you are motivated,  have a passion for animals and people and are willing to work hard during training,  we will provide the necessary training.  If you fit this description,  call or email us.  Once your initial training is done,  part time work will be available.  
NOTE:   We get a lot of inquiries about this job.   This job REQUIRES a lot of unpaid training beforehand.  If you cannot commit to the training,  please do not apply for the job instead we highly recommend volunteering.  Volunteering with Wildlife Wonders gives a vast amount of experience and most of our paid staff start out as volunteers!                                   Part time openings possible

Office help:   Average of 10 hours per week assistance in the office.. Answering phone calls,  computer work,  invoices etc..  OPEN

Public Relations Supervisor.. Commission based.. opportunities are endless.  Must be good with people,  and self motivated!   - OPEN 

Volunteers and Intern Opportunities:
Updated info-Click here

Volunteers needed in the below areas!  
Construction/Maintenance: Help to get zoo ready for on - site programs
      Volunteer coordinate
     Office, Book keeping, 
 Fundraiser coordinator:  organize fundraising dinners, on-site tours etc!

Wildlife Wonders offers some wonderful volunteer opportunities on all levels.   If you would like to just help out occasionally,  we can use your help at our large events or on work days around here.. If you are skilled at office work,  building,  yard work.. we can use your help!.  

While we do not have volunteer opportunities directly involving the larger exotic mammals,  we do have opportunities for those who want to put in at least 8 hours a week for you to learn how to feed, care for the animals and work with some of the smaller exotics.

Intern programs:     Do you want the full experience of working at a zoo,  training for programs,  working long hard fulfilling hours?  Then the intern program may be for you.. We provide housing and food or stipend pay  and you provide and dedicate your time and abilities here at Wildlife Wonders.. Spacing is limited and we will be doing interviews. If you think you may want to participate in this program,  email us a resume.   The internship program provides an opportunity for learning skills in animal training,  animal care and husbandry,  outreach programs,  daily maintenance ,  public relations and more.  The intern must be willing and able to work with people and the public.   We require a minimum of a 12 week commitment to be eligible for the intern program.  
We are  looking for local interns that may continue to use their skills here after their intern program has ended.   Part time work opportunities may be available for interns after completing their internship.   Interns are not required to stay on site if they are local.

To all those who have donated, volunteered and supported Wildlife Wonders throughout the years!  We could not have done it without you! 
Job opportunities
Updated info-click here
Most of our jobs are filled by volunteers, interns but we do have a few limited jobs available when in need and those are listed below.

Maintenance Help:   DO you have experience working with wood, fixing and repairing and even building.  We are looking for someone who would like to help out part time as their schedule allows to help put up livestock shelters,  muck horse stalls,  repair fences, lights or whatever else might break around here.  

Zookeeper/Compound/Program Intern 

 we also have other internship programs available that do not provide housing or stipend but offer a great experience.
If you are interested in the below work- we ENCOURAGE you to come on as an Intern,  volunteer or Alternate Intern.  As you gain experience.. their are opportunities for part time work once you are established as a trustworthy and trained!

      The internship will include but not limited to the below areas:

Alternate Zookeeper:  Help feed the animals when head zookeepers are not available or need help.   Experience with reptiles, small mammals a plus.  Will be working with kangaroos, reptiles, cavies and small mammals.  Possibility to train for caretaking of higher Maintenance exotics once established and trustworthy.  

Program/ Petting Zoo/ Pony Ride assistant: Help with outreach programs including live nativities, spring festivals, petting zoos etc..  Train for petting zoos, pony ride and zippity zoo programs. Potentially down the road will be able to train as a wildlife educator once established in the other areas.  Lots of potential for more work, pay in the future once trained and reputation is established

Organizing, Cleaning and miscellaneous  help-  Will be responsible to help around the compound when needed.  Help zookeepers clean areas, clean carriers, vehicles cleaned, supplies organized after programs,  folding tarps, putting supplies away, inventory etc..

We are looking for someone who is looking for experience with animals/zookeeping but also has a strong moral and ethical character and is passionate about the fact that God is the Creator of the earth and animals.  Lots of future potential here if you can "catch " the vision and share the passion of what Wildlife Wonders is all about.   
Must be willing to learn and listen.  Must be able to multi task, work well by ones self and with others,  must be able to retain information and use it, and be able to think logically.  
If interested in doing outreach programs- must have excellent people/relational skills.
Experience with animals and people a plus
Being able to work throughout the year including summer is also a plus.  (We do offer housing)
Stipend pay is consummate with experience, commitment etc.  

Before applying please browse our website and learn what we are all about.  After doing so if you feel this is a job that the Lord may have led you to and you are excited about the possibility of being involved in this growing unique Christian Business- below is an application.  Fill out and email or send back.

*If You do not feel you  have the requirements needed for this internship or cannot commit to all aspects of this job but would LOVE to work with us and gain the necessary skills- please look into our  volunteer or alternate internship  programs.   Almost all of our staff started out as volunteers/interns.  

Learn and assist in running, promoting and managing a zoo from the buisness end of it.   
Get involved and assist in the marketing, accounting, office, public relations.   
Great Experience,   Awesome and unique environment

A tax deductible non-profit  Sister to  Wildlife Wonders. 
** Wildlife Wonders is looking to set up a sister  non profit organization  Creation Encounters.. while this is an exciting time and the vision is finally being seen.    In order for Creation Encounters to reach their goals and visions many people will be needed in order for this to happen.  Creation Encounters will strickily be working off donations and help from those who are excited and want to participate in the goals of Creation Encounters.
A few of Creation Encounters goals:
**To teach about How awesome our Creator is through the use of His Creation especially to those who do not get to see God's Creation up close or are not in a position to be able to afford to do so.
** to rehabilitate native Georgia Wildlife.. to give back to God's Creation.
** To provide housing for rescue exotics in need of homes.. To provide homes for animals in need.
** To  provide support  to oversees missions both God's People and His Creation.. Support would be in the form of money, supplies and workers.  Creation Encounters  will work directly  with other non profit organizations striving to protect God's Creation and reaching out to God's people.  
** To allow Christ to use Creation Encounters as a vessel, tool to bring about change in peoples lives and so to Glorify Christ!  (this may be through volunteer training programs,  onsite programs, animal therapy and more!

God has placed a vision on my heart and  the start of great visions  is with prayer and support.   To take action I humbly realize that Wildlife Wonders/ Creation Encounters needs a support team. 
The goals of this team are:
 PRAYER:  God is doing amazing things here at Wildlife Wonders but with that comes trials.. We need to know their is a group specifically praying for the needs, concerns of Wildlife Wonders and Creation Encounters
Accountability:  Their is a great weight among the spiritual leaders here at Wildlife Wonders.. Those that have caught the vision need to be able to call on those that can hold them accountable and also share what God is doing in their lives and in the lives around them..  
 Support,  hospitality,  sharing God's love.  This is the action part!    When you are surrounded by over 400 animals and are doing over 400 outreach programs a year.. the days can get tiresome,  lonely and exasperating.. I committed to Christ years ago that Wildlife Wonders would be used for His Glory that he would open the flood doors and use Wildlife Wonders as he would see fit which includes bringing  those that need to be here, here.   We do not use the conventional methods of hiring etc.. instead God provides and wow the testimonials of those that have been through the doors of Wildlife Wonders as workers, volunteers, interns is amazing..  Wildlife Wonders has transcended and is doing the impossible on earthly terms.. but on God's terms.. all things are possible.. and that is mixing ministry with business.. Not all here at Wildlife Wonders know Christ personally as their Savior,  some do some are searching  but I know that everyone is here for a purpose.. We do not require that of those that come here to volunteer, work etc BUT we do pray and hope that God's Love will shine through here and it will be obvious and overwhelming that their is something different about this place and that they can see the work of the LORD..  But humbly this sometimes seems to be impossible when times get rough.. when we are all overworked and death is on the scene or worker conflict is happening and life overwhelms..
SO MY VISION..  a group of 3-15 people that share the responsibly of praying continuously,  checking in to see what the needs are AND having a group of 2-4 people come out at least once a month and bring lunch for the crew OR simply do a prayer walk or  around Wildlife Wonders or bring encouragement to the volunteers, workers here at WILDLIFE WONDERS.. so that all my see the LOVE of Christ through His servants.. so when we are all exhausted, grieving or just dealing with conflict.. you shall be our angels to remind everyone of God's Love.. What a cool ministry is that.. We all need angels in our lives!   

1: we feel the support team needs to be separate from the volunteers as the volunteers are worked to hard.. the support team needs to be on the outside looking in and supporting on a spiritual,  emotional, love level.. the act of service is personal not animal related
2: The support team is not to bring families for tours or even expect tours of the zoo.. please do not sign up with a "what's in it for me"  sign up as  total act of Sacrifice holy and pleasing to God so that Christ may shine through you and BLESS YOU!
3:  The SUPPORT team needs a leader!!! Is that you.. someone to coordinate the support/prayer team.. to coordinate who would come here and when,   to coordinate group prayer times and more!  IF GOD IS CALLING YOU TO DO THIS.. DON"T SHY AWAY WE NEED YOU!!!!

IF YOU ARE READY TO VOLUNTEER IN THIS WAY...fill out the below  application and/or email HOPE. (application for filing, record purposes)    We do not need to know you personally but do need to know your testimony.. please email a bit about yourself,  what Christ means to you and what he has laid on your heart and any other insights that would be helpful.   We take this team very seriously so we ask that you do also and If God has lead you our way.. Hallelujah.. I can promise we will be blessed and so will you!

Visit the Creation Encounters Website!
Apartment/Housing in exchange for work:  available
Non smoker, Good character and work ethics. Must provide references
Areas of work available in exchange:  construction work, buisness management, public relations. 
 See below areas in Job opportunities
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