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 Specialty Events   
(Theme Parties and Customized Events)
This page was created with the creative in mind!  If you cannot  find your idea, themes anywhere else they may be here.   If you have an idea you would like us to customize you are at the right page.  Keep in mind the more an event is customized the more expensive they can get.   Make sure to check out our Party page,  Zoo display,  Petting Zoo,  Amazing Animal Petting Zoo,  Theme Ponies, Program options etc.. to see if we already have what you are looking for.  
 Check out the below for other theme ideas and options.
We have options that  can be used for large and small events,  such as collage events,  church, bar/ba mitzvah,  grand openings,  cooperate events,  appreciation days  and more!  

Booking  Details:

Travel Fee:         There is a travel fee. 
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Add on's 
 Safari Hats and Cowboy Hats $3.00 - click here
T-Shirts $$10.00 - click here
Bookmarks or coloring sheets:  $10 for up to 35.
Face painting and temporary tattoo services.  $50 -$100
Click here to view our latest styles of cool kids tattoos!

A 1/2  Deposit is required to hold your spot.

We now can take Mastercard or Visa over the phone for a deposit.  The balance for the program will need to be paid by check or cash on the day of the event since we cannot process credit cards while on the road.

Once we have confirmed your date and spot you will have the option of providing your deposit by credit card or mail.
We allow 5 days for a deposit to arrive.  If your deposit does not arrive your spot will be terminated.   
Once we receive your deposit and directions we will give you a confirmation call
*If you are booking less then 2 weeks in advance you will be required to provide your deposit by credit card.
The rest of the payment is due upon receipt.

Deposit may be sent to:  
Wildlife Wonders
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We are located in Cleveland GA,   North of 985 and 400
Directions are very important!  We cannot get to your location without them.  So it is vital that you provide us with precise directions either via mail OR email.   We do not take directions over the phone.
If you are going to use mapquest or another Internet service, Please check the directions before sending them.  We have found many times people will send us those only for us to find them incomplete.

A ZOO TO YOU-Wildlife Wonders
Address: P.O. 2237 Cleveland GA 30528
Phone: 706 348-7279
Fax:  706-522-4514

Here's How It Works!

Here the the steps we recommend to help guide you along!
1.  Choose a theme you would like:  Pirate theme,  rainforest theme,  African theme etc.

2.  Choose from below which option or mix of options best fit your event.  Do you want shows?  Meet and greet?  Displays or a mix..of small shows and meet and greets etc.

3.  Fill out the Specialty Event booking formThis will give us some of the ideas or what, animals you are looking at, what options you would prefer  (note: you may want to call or email first and make sure we are available.  Remember to book early to reserve your date.  

4. Wildlife Wonders will email or call you with a price estimate and availability.  
At this point we will go over with you any other details that need to be finalized

5.  Once the animals, options are confirmed.  Wildlife Wonders requires a 1/2 deposit down.  Wildlife Wonders will send you a contract which we require to be filled out and sent back with directions.
** Remember you are not considered booked until we receive the deposit and contract.

Theme parties are considered specialty events.   Specialty events require more detail and attention then our already established programs.  If you are looking for our main options please visit our programs, parties, petting zoos, ponies and zoo display pages. 
 If you are looking at a specialty event - please fill out the specialty event booking form -click here!  (coming soon!)

To learn more about each theme - simply click on the link. 
Note: Any of the below themes can be customized to the needs of your event!
Note- at this time not all the links are working .. update in progress. 
 MADAGASCAR PARTY! (A live Lemur)           
Safari Adventure                            Rainforest Adventure
Reptile Encounte                        Australian Outback                         Wild America                                 Wild West/Cowboy/girl
Animals Around the World!           Fiesta
Luau                                                 Jungle



Here's How it works!         Booking Details             Ready to book

Pirate Encounters/ Treasure Island 
       **Animals as seen on the movie Pirates of the Caribbean**  Meet a macaw, visit with other parrots, encounter snakes, crocodile, raven and other animals that a pirate might encounter!
The pirate encounter can be done several ways:
Presentation/Show: As a 25- 45 minute presentation where the presenter (a pirate him or herself) guides the guest through his "animal" encounters.   The audience gets to "live" out his adventures through story telling,  educational facts about the animals.  Groups under 45 guests is hands on.  (we recommend this for children parties, small group parties)
Large groups, , mixed ages: we recommend a presentation/show then a meet and greet at the end so guest can view, pet the animals up close at their leisure
Animals can also be displayed as an exhibit where guest can roam and talk to the "pirate" and learn about the animals at their leisure.  Their will be a mix of hands-on and display only animals!
7-8 animals.   Macaw,  Other parrot,  crocodile,  snake,  Raven, tarantula or giant frog plus one other. 
Option of adding a monkey:  (additional cost)

Prices vary according to group size, presentation, display and length.
25- 45 minute Pirate Encounter presentation:  $300 and up
2 hour display, meet and greet with the animals  prices start at $500 (2 hour minimum)

Strolling Pirate and parrot:  Inquire
Add Parrot for pictures: Inquire.  For pictures click here!


Option 1:    Shows and Presentations
For smaller events such as birthday parties, a 45 minute presentation/show is the most popular.  click here to learn more how that works

For larger events  We recommend a customized stage show or several short shows/presentations throughout your event.  Prices vary according to what animals, how long etc.  

Option 2:  Strolling Animal Handlers.  This is where the animal trainer and one animal can interact and stroll around at your party for your guest to learn and pet the animal.   For an additional cost the animal handler may also be dressed in the proper theme attire:  such as Pirate,  Princess etc.  Prices vary according to what animals,  how long etc

Option 3:   Animals on Display and for Petting.  We can provide a zoo display, petting area theme towards your event.  Prices vary according to animals and theme.   a minimum of 2 hours is required.
Prices are based on what animals you want at your event.  Keep in mind the larger the animal, the more high maintenance the animal and the more handlers required the more the cost goes up.  Feel free to look over Animal Options:  While we try to keep this page updated.  We typically have  few animals not listed.   If you would like to keep the cost minimal- we recommend visiting our Zoo Display, Petting Zoo, Amazing animal petting zoo or program page.   These programs come with a core group of animals and the prices stays the same.   If you are looking for specific animals only,  then we consider the event a specialty event which is a customized event!