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Hope and Tom Bennett
Wildlife Wonders is a licensed zoo facility.  We are licensed and governed  by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and DNR (Department of Natural Resources).  WW carries special licenses for Native Georgia animals, exotic animals, federally protected animals and exhibitors permits for all the animals. 

Wildlife Wonders has had  0 accidents or occurrences.
Safety for both our animals and YOU is of utmost importance to us.   We strive to bring you a safe yet amazing experience with animals of all kinds.  You will find due to safety reasons there are many of our animals that we do not allow contact with and a safety barrier set up.  This is for our animals safety and yours!  If you are not worried about getting bit WE ARE!  Certain animals by law must be put to sleep if they bite someone.  WE LOVE OUR ANIMALS AND WILL NOT  RISK THEIR LIVES.
Where the animals call home
Wildlife Wonders is nestled at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.   
The zoo is located on 40 acres of beautifully wooded land and lovely pasture.  There is a beautiful waterfall and creek that winds it way through the zoo. This creek helps keep the air cool in the summer time and is a joy to hear.  We take the animals on regular visits to enjoy the water.   

Wildlife Wonders is completely fenced in with an 8 foot perimeter fence.  Each animal has a habitat build specifically to suit their needs and all our habitats are at least twice as large as they need to be according to USDA standards.   We believe in giving the animals as much space as possible. 

All the animals have sufficient shade, shelter and clean water. 
The kangaroos, livestock, deer and other animals enjoy their lush pasture and large shade trees, while the wolves, wild cats,  and birds of prey  enjoy the forest surrounding their homes. 

Enrichment is very important to  the animals.  We provide enrichment in many forms.  Enrichment is provided through the many hours of training and interaction the animals get from their trainers.  Enrichment also comes in the form of programs/outreach.  During these times the animals experience new smells, new scenery and much much more. (Some animals do outgrow going out in public and we NEVER force our animals to perform or even to come to programs with us!)   Enrichment for animals can come in many simple forms also:   A cardboard box can give a primate many hours of entertainment.  A fresh cut pine branch will give the phlangers hours of extra chewing.  Stepstools are always fun for the wallabies.  A huge deer bone is always great fun and exercise for the wolves.  Parrots love corn on the cob and new wooden toys for hours of destruction and play.  We are always adding new enrichment ideas for the animals!
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Where the animals call home
*About Tom and Hope Bennett
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About Tom And Hope Bennett
Tom and Hope Bennett have worked with a variety of animals for many years.  

Tom was born in Painesville, Ohio. 
Hope was born in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.  Her passion for wildlife started very young as she collected animals, drew animals and planned out her zoo as a young child.
Tom has a degree in Biology Education and Hope has a degree in Youth Ministry.  
Tom and Hope Bennett started Wildlife Wonders in 1997.  Wildlife Wonders started out specializing in reptile and bird programs and later expanded into exotic mammals, native animals, rare breeds of livestock and more.

Tom and Hope stand on the fact that these are "all God's creatures" created by Him and are His masterworks.

Mission and Purpose statement:  

*WW purpose is to EDUCATE the public on all aspects of wildlife.

*WW wants to encourage an AWARENESS of different types of animals, their habitat, lifestyle, survival techniques etc.

WW strives to bring an APPRECIATION of the animals in our world, and through this appreciation to create a sense of RESPECT.

WW strives to teach REPONSIBLITY to ensure that these animals have positive futures.

WW strives to PROMOTE environmental and life science education.

WW strives to MOTIVATE students to action.  WW encourages positive changes in ones personal life.  WW also encourages and strives to help the students realize that he/she can make a difference in this world.

WW strives to educate on the proper care and understanding of animals the students may encounter daily, whether this be a family dog, pet iguana or a gray squirrel in their backyard.

WW also sets out to teach the proper response, respect and actions to take involving native wild animals they may encounter.

WW encourages interactive LEARNING.  It has been said that the more senses a student uses while learning, the more they remember.  In our programs a student not only learns about an animal but actually sees, smells and in some cases feels that particular animal.
 Wildlife Wonders. is a Professional Wildlife and Animal Education Company that has provided programs/displays and petting  zoos  for 1,000'S of events and locations over the years.   WW is celebrating their 15th year anniversary!. WW houses over 400 animals and has provide programs for  Stone Mountain Park,  Lake Lanier Islands,  Peachtree Presb,  Jack Hannah and many others.   WW's is blessed with a dynamic, caring and passionate staff that will be sure to wow your crowd.  WW's trained staff can present programs that are customized to the age and needs of the group.  WW's can wow your crowds of 10 to 10,000  with their set-ups, petting zoo and shows and more.