Binturong aka:bearcat
Production work
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Hope with caimen croccidile
Capuchin Monkey
Wildlife Wonders has provided animals for "The Source" magazine,   Bell South magazine ad,   Animal planet expos and TV appearances such as  Fox and Friends,  Maurey Povich Show,  Jack Hannah,   Jeff Corwing,  Carson Daily Show, The Tony Danza Show,  Wild About Animals and much more.

Wildlife Wonders has trained animal handlers and a variety of animals right here to choose from! 
Wildlife Wonders can also help you find the  animals you are looking for!  

Wildlife Wonders is licensed and insured with a 0 incident track record.   Our staff is professional, precise and willing to work with you but the safety of the animals and people come first!

We specialize in hard to find exotic animals.   We also have trained animals ready to go or we can train the animal for a certain behavior given enough time!

Give us a call and we will see if we can help you find what you are looking for!  
Canadian Lynx
Kinkajou Aka: Honey Bear
Timberwolf Hybrid.
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Our Animals can travel anywhere in the USA!
buddy the performing blue and gold macaw

muffy the skunk playing the piano
Andy our incredible calm huge angora goat
Hope and Dr. Fitzgerald and Hugger the python on the news
Mona the groundhog as a baby
Tom at The Tony Danza Show
Benji Beaver on the Carson Daily Show