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Animals Around the World
Join us as we travel around the world visiting a vast array of animals from the tropics to the desert, from reptiles, to insects, to mammals and birds.  Some of the wonderful creatures that you may encounter are  Kangaroo, Monkey, Lemur, Bushbaby  or African Serval Cat.  Others may include:  Hedgehogs, Pythons, Parrots, New Guinea Singing Dog,  Alligator,  Tortoise and others.

Reptile Encounter (Amphibians too!)
Get ready to experience a true reptile encounter while learning all about reptiles.  Allie the 5 ft alligator has a way of inspiring the students toward conservation.  Students learn about respect as they watch their teachers hold a 15 foot python.  Let's not leave out the amazing and unique reptiles such as the alligator snapping turtle, monkey tail skink, huge monitor lizard and more.

Australian Outback
Learn about the unique animals that live in the outback.  Find out how they are unique and different.  Get up close to a kangaroo, check the trees for a phalanger and listen for the laugh of the kookaburra!  Watch out for the crocodiles, large snakes and crazy looking lizards!

Native Georgia
Join us as we travel through Georgia.  From alligators and armadillos to rattlesnakes!  Come and learn about the animals that are indigenous to Georgia.  (Recommended for smaller groups)

Rainforest Adventures
 Join us as we learn all about the importance of the Rainforest and the animals that live their. Find out what animals thrive in this habitat.  Animal that live far up in the canopy to the ground dwellers on the rainforest floor.   Animals you will encounter include:  Touraco , Amazon Parrots, Lemur or Monkey,  Prehensile Tail Porcupine,  Boa Constrictor,  Monkey Tail Skink,  Caimen Croccidle and others.

This is a one of a kind event perfect for larger groups.  We bring some of our most amazing and larger animals that are sure to capture the audience's attention!   Watch as Sheba the bearcat shows off her climbing skills and Shadrach the African wildcat jumps over 5 ft into the air.  Meet Buddy the famous macaw,  find out how big a kangaroo really is and volunteer your favorite teacher to help hold a 12 foot python!  Note:  we do not guarantee any particular animal with this show.   We do guarantee however that you will LOVE the show and the animals that will be provided.   We do bring some of our most amazing animals.  Animals that require our most experienced handlers.. We also provide our best presenters to ensure that the show will captivate the audience!   This show is guaranteed to keep the attention of your audience and keep them at the edge of their seats in awe.  Animals chosen will be based on environment of the show and other factors (example:  show is inside for a school group or outside for a festival where guests are coming and going,  weather is factored in and stage accessibility is also evaluated.)

Get ready as the safari guides, fully outfitted, take you on an adventure of a lifetime!  As they search for the BIG ONE,  who knows what they might encounter!  Join them as they learn about wild animals such as the leaping lemur, wildcats, monitor lizards and more in this comical yet dramatic show.  The fun and suspense builds as they get closer to finding the crocodile and continue to encounter all kinds of wild animals!

This is one of the most popular shows for festivals and all day events!  It is interactive, fun, educational and the presenters are skilled at animal handling and presenting.  This makes for a show like no other!  You will meet an incredible diverse group of  fascinating, unique,  impressive and  amazing animals!  This show will be sure to have the audience talking for weeks about the incredible close encounter they experienced at the show!

Programs and Stage Shows
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Other Programs include:
Creatures of the night:  Rely on your night vision as we learn about those not so well known nocturnal animals such as the bushbaby, owl, opossum, kinkajou, monkey tail skink and more!
Amazon Adventure:   Caiman Crocodile, Macaw,  Coatimundi and more
Bugs and Friends:  Tarantula, Hissing Cockroach, Emperor scorpion, Giant Millipede and more!

Worksheets may be provided upon request at no additional charge
Programs are great for science classes, fundraising or PTA events!
Customized programs!  Studying a particular topic or area?  Let us help!
With professional and certified teachers and educators on staff, you can be sure our program will provide exactly what you need! We can create a program that complements a unit you are studying.  Life cycles,communication, food and fiber animals,  ecosystems, animal classes...virtually any topic. We can create a program to fit your needs.
Contact us and we will customize a program for you!
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Email us:  Info@wildlifewonders.org
Call us:  706 348 7279  Write us:  P.O 2237 Cleveland GA 30528
"An Educational & Entertaining Presentation bringing you
   Live Animals of all kinds!"
Each program comes with 7-10 different animals!

ZOO TO YOU delivers a  45-50 minute presentation  of your choice to your school or event.

Programs can be done as classroom presentations 
or assemblies for an entire grade or school.
Presentations are done by Professional Wildlife Educators!
ZOO TO YOU is a 
Licensed and Insured Wildlife Education Company

*Programs are geared toward  the age of the  students involved!

*Based on GPS Standards!

* Includes  character building components 

For recommended grade appropriate programs
please Contact Us
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   Stage Show
Wild America Stage Show
America has some of the most fascinating animals around. 
Some animals that many may not even realize live in our home country such as the coatimundi.  America is also home to one of the most misunderstood predators around: the wolf.  In our show we attempt to unravel the truths and myths that surround these mysterious creatures.  Not only are the wolves misunderstood but so are many other  predators of North America including the lynx, cougar, and rattlesnakes.  Learn the truth about these amazing creatures and get a close up look at some of the most incredible wild animals around.  
Stage Show requirements and details
** A stage or blocked off area is required!
** Wildlife Wonders provides a backdrop and headset.  
** If the area that the show is to be performed in is not secure we ask that you provide dedicated volunteers to make sure that students/public do not wander into off limits areas.  If you cannot provide volunteers Wildlife Wonders will provide them for a minimal fee.

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Preschool Programs
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Program/Stage Show Options
Stage Shows
Amazing, One of a kind shows!
Great for large groups, special occasions and more.  
Comes with 2 animal handlers and some of our largest, most impressive animals. 
 Backdrop & Headset Microphone also included.
These Stage Show performances are fun for all ages! Your 2 safari guides will take you on an exciting adventure where you get to see and learn about amazing animals from all over the world! This fun and educational experience will be the most talked about event all year!
Safari Adventure Stage Show
Your presentation was informative as well as entertaining! B.H. NW Elem
The student's excitement and "oohs" and "aahs" with each new animal really made my day.  SB Camp Creek Elem.

1 Assembly $360                1 Classrooms   $275          1 Stage Show  $600             2 Assemblies $525             2 Classrooms   $415          2 Stage Shows $825
3 Assemblies $660             3 Classrooms   $525          3 Stage Shows $1000

**Prices are based on a 45 minute program with 7-10 animals
**Groups under 40 students are considered classrooms
 **Assemblies are limited to 300 students. 
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*These prices are for programs that are back to back on the same day
Program Pricing
Church ,Youth Group and
Christian Organizations 
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Preschool Programs
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All God's Creature's Programs 
 NORTH GEORGIA ZOO and Petting farm
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