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Orient Extremes! Traveling throughout Asia!

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BOTTLE BABIES available for the birthday child to feed!  
(inquire: seasonal availability)
Description:   Join us as we travel through Asia.   The extreme Asian climates make it home to a variety of incredible animals.. from the rainforest to the desert to the sparse fields and high mountains.. You will find a variety of creatures only found on this large incredible continent.  In the thick rainforest you will encounter our stars!  The bearcats!  Continue on and meet up close a Red/Gold pheasant.. a beautful and prized bird in the orient..  Or how about one of the smallest deer around!  A munjac deer.  One of the smartest animals on earth also resides here - the vietnam potbelly pig!  This is only a few of the incredible animals you will encounter!

Details:   7-8 animals   45 minute program  $350 plus travel.

Animal options with this program:  We do allow  you to choose from the below list if you would like.  Otherwise we bring the animals we feel would be best for this programs:
Mammals:  Bearcat or Gibbon Ape,  muntjac deer,  hedgehog,  potbelly pig,  Angora goat
Birds:  Red/Gold Pheasant,  Japanense Silky Chicken, 
Reptiles:  Alligator,  turtle, tortoise,  python,  Asian Beauty Snake,  Uromastyx lizard,  leaf Gecko, Fire Belly Toad,   Legless Lizard

Other options to add:

Bushbaby:  $75 weekends  $50 weekday
Camel- Adah is ready to go and while many  think of Camels being from Africa,  they are also found in Asia!   $400

Orient Travels, Asian Extremes:  Encounter a real live Bearcat or Gibbon Ape!
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So you know Pandas are from China and Red Panda's are from Asia but have you ever seen or even heard of a Bearcat?  Latin name:  Binturong!  It has fur like a bear,  meows like a cat and can reach over 60lbs at maturity!  A close relative of the Red Panda and a very rare animal to see.    An amazing Asian animal that lives deep in the Asian forest rarely ever seen by the human eye.. 

Meet one of the most amazing and rare animals around!
Not only do we have Sheba and Popcorn but we have added 2 adorable babies !  Have a young  Bearcat at your next event! 
 A limited time onlyl!
Why so many bearcats? 

 Click here to learn more about our conservation/breeding program with the bearcats here at the zoo. 
OUR STARS!  Hannah and Felix: 

Red Gold Pheasant
At this time our bearcats are not traveling as we have them in breediing groups.  
We hope to have babies to bring to you some day soon.