A unique, small cow that originates from India.   The zebu cows are considered ancestors of the India people. They have free reign of the villages and come and go as they please.  The village people use the cow manure for building fires and cleaning their floors.   The zebu cow is a naturally small cow.  Notice the hump on her back.  This is a characteristic of the Zebu breed.  Zebu can range from 34-42 inches.  
Miniature Zebu Cow

Chloe at 2 years of age
Chloe at Northlake Nativity December 2001
Always time for a cow hug
Chloe standing tall at 3 1/2 years of age

Belted Galloway
Belted Galloways are a rare breed of cattle that origionated in Scotland. They are known for being polled, the white belt that surrounds their body, and their long coat. 
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Scottish Highlander Cow
Highlander Cows are a breed of cattle from the coastal regions of Scotland. Highlands are the oldest known cattle breed. Records of this breed's existence date back as far as the 12th century.
HOLY COW! Where did all these cows come from? 
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