Miniature Donkeys as told by Bethlehem the mini donkey
HI, My name is Bethlehem. I live here at Wildlife Wonders. Did you meet my new friend?  I make new friends all the time.  I love it when children and adults come up and hug me!  I think I have the best job around.   I get to see children smile,laugh and at the same time I get lots of petting and attention.  Although I can be a bit stubborn sometimes too!  For some reason I just can't get over my fear of white concrete!  I am working on that.  Moses and Jerusalem don't seem to mind at all!  Did you see the chocolate colored donkey?  That is Jerusalem,  I think he is really cute.  Moses is the wise one around here.  He is so good!  He will walk anywhere and do anything with no fear!  It is amazing,  I need to take a few pointers from him.  I guess that is why he has been invited to so many churches!  He has been to  Peachtree Presbyterian, New Hope,  Northlake Baptist and others!  I have been to quite a few but not nearly as many as he has!  My favorite times of year are Christmas and Easter.  My family tells me I play a very important role!   I have carried both Mary and Jesus on my back!  I love "pretending" that I am back in Bethlehem.. who knows maybe I am related to the donkey that really did carry Mary.... wow!  What a privilege.  Although for palm Sunday.. I had to learn that those palm leaves they were setting down in front of me weren't for me to eat... How was I supposed to know that! 

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