*6 zippity zoo animals
*Hands-on experience!
*Fun, educational
*The Birthday Child or guest of honor gets
 lots of extra attention!
On a tight budget?
Just want a few cute,fuzzy or scaly, slimy animals?
This may be the option for you!

 Zippity Zoo 
Great for Birthday parties, Preschools, Small Events and more!
Below is a list of animals usually available.  Click the 6 animals you would most like to see and we will do our best to accommodate you. 
 Don't forget to fill out the information at the bottom of the page!
Cost for a 30 minute Zippity Zoo  Program/Party:  $200
              Additional 25 minute programs: (2) $250   (3) $300  (4) $350
These prices are for back to back programs.. 2 programs done per hour including transition between groups/classrooms.  

Cost for a 1 hour  Zippity Zoo program/party: $225
**This option allows more time for the attendees  to Pet, Interact and ask questions about the animals

Add pony rides to zippity zoo for $125.  (30min.- 1 hour)
(1 riding pony for the length of the zippity zoo - inquire about more then 1 pony))

Cost for Zippity Zoo Petting Zoos and DIsplays
1 1/2 hours $275          2 hours $325               2 1/2 hours $375 
 3 hours $400               3 1/2 hours $450        4 hours $475

**Safari Hats/Cowboy/girl hats $3.00      T-shirts:  $10:00
**The prices do not include travel fee.   Click here for travel charge estimate
View Zippity Zoo Photos
View a variety of pictures of the animals and programs.
Contact/Booking Form
I would like to book a Show! 
So what do I do now?
1.Simply click on the animals that you would most like to see at your event. (while we cannot guarantee the exact animals you choose we will try our best to accommodate you!)  
2.Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and either submit the form and we will contact you as soon as possible OR call us to check on the availablity of your date and your travel fee.
We do require a $100 deposit to reserve you spot
**We do not guarantee that the date that you choose will be available. 
 PLEASE wait to hear from us before sending us a deposit.
hedgehog, silky chickens

Deposit Options:    Please click on the square that applies
Zippity Zoos require a $100 deposit
*We now accept Visa and Mastercard.   
*While we appreciate those who pay by Mastercard or Visa we still must charge a  $5.00 processing fee to cover the overhead cost.  
Debit and Corporate cards are a $10 processing fee.
*If you are booking less then 2 weeks in advance we require that the deposit be paid by Visa or Mastercard and their will be a Late Fee of $5.00 added.

Deposits may be sent to:
Wildlife Wonders 
  P.O Box 2237  
Cleveland GA 30528
Customize your Zippity Zoo!  
Baby farm friends,  zoo friends,  scales and slime,  forest animals and more!  just choose 6 animals from the list that would best fit your theme!

Cute and Cuddly!
Wings and Feathers
Scaly and Slimey
Creepy Crawly
Zoo Displays
Petting Zoos
Stage Shows
Zippity Zoo
Pony Rides

Serving Georgia and surrounding states!
New Animal Options!  
Baby Crocodile 
Sugar Glider
Patagonian Cavy Baby
*inquire about availability
Zippity Zoo Program Deposit
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Lop Rabbit
Blue Tongue Skink
Guinea Pig
Lionhead Rabbit
Rex Rabbit
Baby Piglet
Baby Goat
Bearded Dragon
Spiney Tail Lizard
Ball Python
Corn Snake
King Snake
Giant Pixie Frog
Whites Tree Frog
Silky Chicken
Bantam Chicken
Red/Gold Pheasant
Madagascar Hissers
Emperor Scorpion
Giant Millipede
Fan Tail Pigeon
Giant Leaf Bug
Sugar Glider
Mini Call duck