Pricing**                                   2 hours    3 hours   4 hours

Farm Friends Petting Zoo       
 8-9 farm friends                                  $420           $550           $660
 12-13 farm friends                              $550           $690           $800
 15-18 farm friends                               $690           $860           $990

Amazing Animals Petting Zoo
6-7 farm friends 2-3 zoo friends             $525         $660           $770
7-8 farm friends 3-4 zoo friends             $660         $825           $990
15-18 amazing animal petting zoo         $800         $1020         $1240    

  *Inquire about costs for adding the Camel and or Zebra to your package.

  *If you book a full day (8 hours)  or multiple days (over 6 hrs day)  with the 15-18 animal or larger package -we will  add  the Camel or Zebra at no additional cost! 

Zoo Display
8-9 animals                                        $525         $660            $770
12-13 animals                                     $660         $825            $990
15-18 animals                                     $800         $1020          $1240  
Animal Handlers:                                Inquire about price
Photo Shoots                            Guest will be charged $5-$10
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Birthday Parties and other parties       Click here

** DISCOUNT provided for whole day and multiple day events
** Travel fee is NOT included in prices. Click here for travel costs.
** discounts will be given for 6  or more hours/programs booked.
Price lists and other helpful information
Petting Zoos

8-9 Farm Friends
A Miniature Horse OR Miniature Donkey
A variety of:  Miniature sheep and goats, rabbits, chickens, Mini pig, and other baby farm animals

12-13 Farm Friends
Miniature horse, miniature donkey, miniature cow
A variety of:  sheep, goats,rabbits, angora rabbits, chicks, Mini Pig, duck and others

Amazing Animal Petting Zoo
6-7 farm friends, 2 zoo friends (tortoise, cavy or other)
8-9 farm friends 3-4 zoo friends S
Zoo Display

8-9 animals
(3-4 reptiles, 1-2 parrots, 2-4 exotic mammals)
example list: Python, king snake, alligator, bearded dragon, macaw, wildcat, kangaroo, monkey, rabbit

12-13 animals
(3-4 reptiles, 1-2 parrots,  a variety of exotic mammals)
Example list: Boa, python, bearded dragon, alligator, cockatoo, macaw, wildcat, coati, kangaroo, monkey, binturong, cavy, rabbit, fennec fox)
Stage Shows
Live animal Demonstrations.
Ex:  mountain lion,  performing parrot, timber wolf etc.
Stage Shows can be set up as 20-30 minute shows throughout the day or a 45-60 minute show.
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For longer events 1/2 of the cost is required to hold your spot.  
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