This page is for those who "like" customizing!

. What animals are coming on the program/party/event?  
Wildlife Wonders provides  a general list or idea of what types of animals may be at your party/ event.   At this point some are very satisfied with this answer while others want exact details and want to be able to choose what animals  will come to their event or party.  We encourage purchasers to allow us to choose the best animals possible for the theme of the event, amount of participants,  age of participants, place of event,  weather etc.  We understand many may have one or two animals they really really want to be at their event and we will try our best to bring those.   
BUT WE DO NOT GUARANTEE ANY PARTICULAR ANIMALS AT YOUR EVENT.  If we feel the animal is not up to par we do not make the animal go out.   If we feel the situation is not the best situation for the guest or for the animals we do not make our animals come out.

 I want to be able to choose exactly what is coming to my event/ party, can I do that?

Now having said all that and you still would really like to pick your own animals I have provided you a way to do so.    
I have posted this also as a way to "clear" up what animals DO NOT  and DO normally come on the different theme birthday parties etc. 
 But cheer up I have also provided you a way to make all those "dreams" come true.   Please read on!
Normally our parties, programs, small petting zoos and zoo displays are done with one professional animal handler and one volunteer.   The reason that some animals don't come on these situations is that they require 2  professional animal handlers and many other extras!   Those animals that require two professional handlers come with our stage shows and sometimes our large zoo displays and amazing animal petting zoo.

 To have those animals that require 2 professional animal handlers come to your event there is an additional cost.   See below or click here.
 We have many programs choices!  
IF you would like to choose your own animals- simply click on the animals of interest and we will get back to you on a customized quote.  NOTE: customizing can get expensive depending on your animal choices! 
The animals available may change from time to time. Inquire. 
Spring time brings new babies and new additions here at Wildlife Wonders!
Animals  with ** means these are hands off animals.
The below list are animals that you may add to your package which are NOT included in the party packages. You may add  these animals to your package for an additional cost.   These animals require 2 handlers and in some cases 2 vehicles and/or a trailer.  and their are strict guidelines with some of the below animals that will be discussed with the purchaser.

Can I add other animals to my event/party?
There are some situations where the purchaser would like certain  animals which would normally not be part of their package to come along to their event.    (example:  Books a safari  party which comes with a variety of mammals, parrots and medium size reptiles but the purchaser really wants the 12 foot python to come which is part of the reptile package but not normally part of the safari party.)   This can be done also but again because it will require 2 professional animal handlers there is an additional cost!  See below or click here
Okay now onto the list of animals!  

Mammals (Lower Cost Options)
*lower cost options  - see zippity zoo for more options!
Mammals - Specialized animals. Requires 1-2 handlers- higher cost option. many of these animals are highlights of other programs-see program listings
Snakes (5  feet and over)

Lizards (2  feet and over)

 Crocodilians  (up to 2 feet)

Crocodilians ( 5 feet and over)

 Arachnids and Anthropods  

Safari, AAW, AGC: choose up to 3
Reptile encounter, RAW:  Choose up to 0


Turtles and Tortoise: (up to 15 lbs)

Turtles and Tortoise: (big ones)  

*To add one of the above animals that is not part of  your party/event package:
 add $100 for first additional animal. $75 for the second additional animal.

 **note these cost are based upon the purchase of a party/program. 
 If you want just one of the above  animals at your event the cost is based on our animal rental fees (i.e fees that are used for production, movies etc. )  Call or email for those prices.
   Note: Those  prices will not be any cheaper then any of the above prices and packages.

Wildlife Wonders reserves the right to deny a particular animal if the situation/event may be unsuitable for animal.
You may submit this form by clicking on Submit.  If you haven't already filled out the booking/inquiring form.  Please fill that out also.  Thank you.  
Note:  We will need the booking/contact form filled out before we can further process your request.  Thank you.

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Serving GA and surrounding states.

The below list is a
 GENERAL list that does not include latest babies, new arrivals etc.  We also update, change, add new programs, options on a regular basis.  Don't forget to check all the options out!  
Please call or email the office to discuss customized programs in more detail!
THIS PAGE is not kept UPDATED!  Feel free to browse through and fill out the form!  
Prices and options can then be discussed in further detail. Don't forget our program/party options as we have many options available at lower costs then customizing.
Angora rabbit
Coatimundi *
rex rabbit
Bearcat (binturong) **
Adult Red Kangaroo
Canadian Lynx **
Serval Cat**
Whitetail Deer
Patagonian Cavy
Fennec Fox
Boa Constrictor
Water python
King snake
Milk Snake
Sand Boa
Spiny tail lizard
Timber Wolf
White's tree frog
Capuchin monkey**
Ball Python
Bull Snake
Pine Snake
Hypo Corn snake
12 foot albino burmese python
Jungle Carpet Python
Blue Tongue Skink
Black throat monitor
Columbian B/W Tegu
Bearded Dragon
Pixie Frog
Chattering Lori
Blue and Gold Macaw
Umbrella Cockatoo
Silky chicken
Caimen Crocodile
American Alligator
Monkey tail skink
Giant salamander
Rose hair tarantula
Giant Hissers
Emporor scorpion
Giant millapede
Spurred tortoise (15 lbs)
Gopher tortoise (5lbs)
Soft Shell turtle
Common snapping turtle
Spurred Tortoise (40lbs!)
Alligator snapping turtle
Giant Tortoise 80lbs!
Adult Wallaby
Wallaby Joey *when available*
Fan tail pigeon
Adult African Crested Porcupine
Lesser Anteater
Prehensile Tail Porcupine
Caimen Crocodile
Tawny Owl
Swamp hens
7 foot Water Monitor
16 foot burmese python
Water buffalo