Program Discounts:

-January, August Discounts: 5% 
**booked at least one  month ahead of time!

-News reporter Discounts: Notify the local TV, newspaper, magazine and have them come out and cover ZOO TO YOU at your school. If the article is printed send us the article. . 
When we receive the article we will send you a certificate for 5% off your next booking OR we can send you an instant $20 rebate check.

-Booking for  2 or more Assemblies OR 3 classrooms OR  1 or more stageshow programs AND a festival  set-up or Nativity  at the same time. (minimum 2 hours) 5-10% discount
(programs must be paid for in advance)

-Booking the same date as one or more nearby schools.  The travel fee will be split between all the schools.

-2 days of programs with at least 6 programs total. 10%

-Booking 6 or more programs at the same time.10%
(programs must be paid for in advance)

-References!  If someone at your school references ZOO TO YOU to another school and they book. Your school will receive a 5% discount on their next booking.  

If ZOO TO YOU receives over 5 bookings that were referenced by staff at your school your school will receive 10% off their next booking.

Teachers:  If ZOO TO YOU books over 5 programs that were referenced by you. You will get a free classroom program. (not including travel fee)  

Principles/P.T.O directors:  If ZOO TO YOU  books over 7 programs that were referenced by you. You will receive a free assembly program! (not including travel)
*On free programs there will be some restrictions as far as dates available)

Not quite finished yet!