hedgehog, silky chickens
Have one of our zebras at your event.  Meet Zeek the new fun loving baby zebra or have Zoey our adult come (some restrictions apply) 
They  love to travel with their other animals friends and visit new people and places 
 They have friends from Madagascar including her buddy the ringtail lemur.   
Serengeti Adventure:
  This is a larger version of our Out of Africa program!  Here we bring along 2-3 animal handlers and have the most amazing array of African animals you will encounter!  This program includes the zebra,  lemur,  hedgehog, serval cat,  black throat monitor, huge python, crocodile and more!   The Serengeti Adventure can be done as a stage show,  zoo display, Assembly, classroom or even party! Check out the below!.  Zebra is currently unavailable

Stage Show - this program requires 3 handlers a backdrop, PA system and stage area.  This show has been a big hit as the African Safari guides travel Africa and meet up with Titus the Lemur,  Zoey the Zebra,  find out what is in the big wooden box that says DANGER.. hmm.. a faster paced fun show with more fun and drama involved! 
This stage show requires easy accessibility for the zebra.   Additional fees may be applied if steps,  long hallways,  clean up crew is required.
45 minute show with 8-9 animals.

1 show- $850      2 shows- $1050   3 shows $1250
** We DO NOT recommend over 300 attendees per show!
To many children in the audience and they can not hear or see well enough to stay involved.  We want everyone involved to have the best experience possible.   If your event has cameras and large screens for the audience to watch - we may consider doing a larger group.  But we want you all to be happy with the show and through experience have found over 300 children at a time and it is hard to keep them involved and paying attention.

Assembly This applies to all groups over 45 guests.   
This presentation is exciting and full of great facts about African animals and the Serengetti!  
2 handlers are still needed and accessibility for the zebra.  If you do not have an easily accessible stage for the zebra you may want to add Zebra meet and greet after the main program.  This is where the guests and file by and meet and see the zebra up close after the program somewhere the zebra can access.   
45 minute assembly with 8-9 animals

1 assembly $600    2 assemblies  $800    3 assemblies $1000

Classroom:  A great hands on experience!  45 guests or under
1 classroom:  $500    2 classrooms $625  3 classrooms $750

African Display  8-10 animals
2 hours:  $750    3 hours  $950   4 hours  $1100

MEET and GREET with baby/young Zebra:

Added to an already existing program:
1 hour  $300
2 hours $425
$125 for each additional hour

Add the zebra to  a petting zoo or amazing animal petting zoo:
1 hour  $225
2 hours $325
$125 for each additional hour

Zebra prices:   Just the zebra 
1 hour:   $500
2 hours  $625
$125  for each additional hour

Serengeti Adventure! 
with a live ZEBRA!

Have your next party with a  young Zebra!
Currently not available.

2 great party options for you!

African or Madagascar theme.   We bring out the animals one at a time and guests get to visit with a variety of African animals including a lemur, hedgehog, crocodile, serval cat and more!    The zebra will come out to visit first or last.   Party lasts 45-60 minutes.  Just like our other parties- if their is a guest of honor or birthday child- they get to have their picture taken with the zebra and get to be the star of the show!  $600

"For our racing stripes fans!" - I loved the movie!
Zoey and her petting zoo friends!   
Are your kids Racing Stripe fans!  Well this is the option for you.We provide our wonderful barnyard petting zoo which includes some of the stars of Racing Stripes such as our nanny goat,  bantam chicken,  miniature horse and we bring along the star of course a zebra who likes to hang out with goats, mini horses, and donkeys.      8-9 animals.  Set up for 1 hour cost is $500
School,  VBS,  Church's, Scouts,  Libraries, festivals, fairs,  corporate events- check out our below options!

For birthday and other party options click here!  
"Madagascar and  Racing Stripe themes are available!"
Prices are subject to change.
Planning an African theme she would be a big hit along with her African friends such as the Lemur,  African Raven,  Serval Cat,  hedgehog,  blackthroat monitor and many more!  

Get up close and personal with a baby Zebra!
*Currently Unavailable*

Prices for adult Zebra: (Zoey)    

2 hours: $700 each additional hour $175

add to existing program with trailer: $600 each additional hour $175

.. plus travel.

Some restrictions apply with bringing out an adult zebra. Inquire
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