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By becoming a member of Wildlife Wonders you will be helping to support Wildlife Wonders & North Georgia Zoo,  the education they provide,  care for the animals and much more.  Wildlife Wonders program costs  helps cover the basic costs here at Wildlife Wonders but does not come close to covering all the expenses involved here at Wildlife Wonders. 
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We offer  family memberships!  basic membership! and best of all don't miss out on the new "Kid's Club" memberships!   Kids of all ages will LOVE IT!   
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In the past I have talked about getting a newsletter going.  I wanted everyone  to share the joy of new arrivals or the times when we could use a hand or the funny stories and great programs/ people we have encountered.  But  I have failed miserably mainly  due to time and resources.   I simply could not keep up with those that wanted the newsletter. I did not have a good database system and people's address's changed or they really did not want to receive our newsletter. I even got volunteers involved.. but I had them already overloaded ha! I had all good intentions of keeping our supporters and those that care informed.  But here in lies the problem.   The money that we bring in from our educational outreach programs goes directly toward housing/feeding and caring for the animals.   The cost also helps cover program vehicles, insurance, supplies and more.   Although I was sincere in developing a database and getting a newsletter going for anyone who wanted I simply did not have the time or funds to get that going.  
SO THE THOUGHT!  by charging a small affordable membership fee we can now take that money and use it towards getting all of our resources together.  This will also let us know you are sincere about wanting to support Wildlife Wonders.   We then developed different membership packages for those that would like to support Wildlife Wonders on a bigger level yet still receive benefits.   For those that would like to go even a step further and support the animals here at Wildlife Wonders we have our  "Adopt An Animal program".   The membership fees go into  wildlife education and the animals here at Wildlife Wonders.  Whereas the Adopt an Animal program funding goes directly towards the housing and care of the adopted animal.  Their are many ways to support Wildlife Wonders.   Membership,   Adopt an Animal,   Donations,  Sponsor a Project, Gift Certificates,  Volunteer and more.
Our program cost helps cover our basic costs but does not come close to covering all the costs and improvements we would like to do here at Wildlife Wonders.  
Our goal with membership is to help keep all of our supporters informed on what is happening here,  how they can help and still keep our overhead covered.  By charging membership fees we will now be able to form a database.. actually get our newsletter going,  keep you all informed without taking away funding/ time that would go into the animals.  
Hope Bennett 
Director and co owner.
"Thank you for supporting Wildlife Education"

NEW!  I am very excited to announce and  offer our new "Kids Club" membership.  I believe this will be a fun and innovative way to help support Wildlife Wonders and the kids will have a blast and  learn all kinds of cool animal stuff and gets lots of cool animal related free stuff!
Talking Bird Membership:     $50
*Receives all the benefits of the pawprints membership plus
*5% discount card
*listing on website

Howler membership    $100
*all the above plus
*10% discount card  (can be applied to program/petting zoos and more-some restrictions apply)
*listing on the website
*link/logo to your business or personal website
  (kid safe sites only
Is your child an animal lover?  Does he love animal planet?  The Crocodile Hunter or Jeff Corwin?  Has he had or IS he having a Wildlife Wonders birthday party? or has he seen one of our programs and just LOVES the animals?  
The KIDS CLUB membership would be just perfect then!

This is great addition to those already booking a birthday party through Wildlife Wonders. or those kids who simply love animals and more!  

We offer $5.00 off if purchased at the time of booking your child's birthday party where we can personally deliver the kids club package!  A GREAT birthday gift!
KIDS CLUB    $35
*Laminated kids club "cool" membership card
You can choose what animal you want on your cool collectable membership card.  The card has a hook so that it can be worn around your neck or attached to your bookbag.. compare your cool card with others "cool" cards.
*A "cool" Wildlife Wonders T-Shirt
*Kids club online newsletter.
This newsletter is choked full of fun animal related activities, pictures and news.  Comes with animal quiz's,  where we will be at,  coloring sheets you can print off,  updates on new animal arrivals and cute stories on some of your favorite animals.
Keep your membership card with you.  When you come to an event that we are set up at,  show us your card and receive a free gift. You may receive a Wildlife Wonders sticker,   a feed cup to feed the animals at the event,  bookmarks and much much more.  Watch for us at local church's, schools, festivals and more.

Kid volunteer events
if you are 10 and older we will also keep you posted on Kid's volunteer events.  These are events where we allow those special kid volunteers to help us out.  Typically with our petting zoo or small touchable animals.  You may have a chance to hold a rabbit while others pet,  feed and water the animals and much more.
Training is typically 30 minutes before the event and volunteers will be required to register before the event.
Depending on the event  their will also be  a maximum number we can take.
The dates for these events will be posted in the Kids Club newsletter.
*Discount card for YOUR school.
Take the 5-10% discount card to you school and they will receive a discount for having us to your school.  You will receive special recognition and a free gift!
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 North Georgia ZOO & Wildlife Wonders
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Membership Application form..Click here
Membership privileges.   
All members will receive a personalized membership card 
Special membership deals and events.
**Our  eco-friendly online quarterly newsletter and access to our membership group!    This newsletter will keep you updated on all the happenings around Wildlife Wonders.  Including new arrivals,  where we will be,  member events,  fundraising and more. 
Currently being revamped!  Membership will now be for both North Georgia Zoo & Wildlife Wonders.
THANKYOU ALL for your support and we are excited about the new membership program we are now able to offer!