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PONY  RIDES (& donkey rides)

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  A few reasons our ponies would be perfect for your event!

When it comes to ponies we have the cutest, calmest, friendliest, cleanest ponies around!  

We  provide a professional staff that cares!  Our staff is friendly, helpful, and fun to be around.  Our staff is trained to take a personal interest in the children riding the ponies and to be extra safe and cautious with kids.   We know that while one child will love to ride over and over, the other child may need to  be encouraged or may simply want to sit on the pony or just  pet the pony.    We strive to be aware of the needs of the children and attendees at all times!

Safety is a priority at all times!   We want safety for the attendees AND the ponies.   We make sure we have a proper working environment (no popping fireworks under the ponies feet,  no hitting the ponies)   We also make sure the child is being safe around the ponies. We patiently teach and encourage children to load, unload properly,  to hold on at all times and to be quiet and gentle with the ponies.. While our ponies are trained to handle extreme situations we still encourage, promote and teach safety and respect when it comes to humans and animals!  

We provide Helmets and all the Proper Signs.   Depending on the size of your event.  We have start here signs,  weight limit signs,  Liability signs and Helmet recommendation signs.  While we do not make the guest wear helmets they are their as an option for the guest to use.  

We always "keep up"  and Clean up all mess's along the way so the experience is fun and delightful!  

Educational and  Loads of Fun!.   We use a variety of breeds, sizes and colors of ponies.  We love to share all about their unique characteristics,  teach guest more about the ponies and how to ride, saddle properly and more!  We strive to make their pony experience a fun and educational experience!

Q and A
1. Why are you more expensive then the other companies?
First and foremost- We are licensed and Insured!  
Many companies out their are not.  The liability of using an uninsured company is high.  Make sure the company you use is safe and insured!

If you are looking for the cheapest pony ride company available,  We are NOT IT.  In fact we have been told that we are on the "more" expensive side.   BUT we have also been told that we have the best ponies, staff and are more reliable then the other companies.  I have been told of some of the prices that other pony ride companies provide ponies for.   I honestly do not know how they do it.  The costs of keeping ponies,  insurance, licensing, vet work,  good staff is very high.   We want to be able to provide our ponies with the best care and our clients with the best possible experience ever!   Our prices are based on the costs of keeping our ponies, equipment needed and staff.  Hay alone costs $10,000's of dollars a year,   good fencing and pasture keeps our ponies from getting bored, sick or injured and our ponies and donkeys get hoof care and vet checks regularly and monthly.  We also invest extra time in training and caring for the ponies.   We also allow extra time before leaving for an event for proper cleaning of the ponies and equipment so when they arrive at your event.  they are shining clean with clean, cute saddles and accessories.  Even our halters are cleaned after each program.   

SAFETY:  Again I am amazed at the pony rides I see that do not take proper safety procedures,  while their is an inherent risk in riding a pony as stated under GA equine law.  We strive to minimize those as much as possible.   We also strive to have a pleasant but serious awareness to these inherent dangers.    As recommended by Georgia Medical Association and Pediatrics Associations, we provide helmets.   It is up to the parent/guardian whether the child must wear one.   We also ask that parents/guardians walk with any children under the age of 5.    Little ones cannot hold on properly and 5 year olds do not understand "why" they have to hold on.    Many parents are simply not aware of the inherent risks and will appreciate the help with this before it is to late.  (We do not want your child to fall off!) While we are insured.   If neglect is found on the guardians/parents side,  the insurance will not cover your child. We go above and beyond.  We not only do what is required by law (safe equipment, healthy animals)  we also strive to educate and help parents understand their responsibilities.  
Click here for Wildlife Wonders Safety Rules
Waivers are also available upon request.

 I personally feel that it is possible many have accepted lower quality pony rides because they have not known higher quality pony rides.   They now exist.. but our prices must reflect that.   References are available and we know you will be pleased with our service! 

Other frequently asked questions- click here

 We offer hand led ponies, theme/dress up ponies and a 4 pony or 6 pony carousel.   We have little ponies to small horses!

Hand led ponies We offer up to 4 hand led ponies at a time.  Each pony comes with their own handler.

Donkey and mule rides!  This is a fun alternative.  The cost is the same for for a pony or donkey.  So why not have one of each.  Children and adults love donkeys!  We have several cute donkeys that love children and are trained to give rides.

Hemmed/Dress up ponies-  THIS IS OUR SPECIALTY.  Especially popular for birthday parties,  theme events,  festivals and  more!

Themes: (Hemmed ponies are very popular with preschools,  festivals and other events!)
Princess Pony  - Ponies come dressed in bows, flowers    
Unicorn -  Offer Unicorn rides at your next event!
Cowboy/Rodeo - Ponies have matching saddle, halters  and bandanas
4th of July - Red, White and Blue!  Red, White and Blue bows,  flag design  saddle and more.
Fairy Tale Pony - Ponies dressed with safe glitter and bows, streamers etc.  We also cover the saddle with shimmering material.
My Little Pony - One of our favorites.. Ponies come with pink mane and tails, or rainbow etc.
Eore the Donkey - Donkey comes with pink bows and pink and blue saddle, halter etc.. .

Other themes:  Superman pony,  Knight pony, Indian Chief pony,   Night Unicorn,  Clown Pony,   Rainbow pony.

Click here for pictures of ponies, donkeys  and theme ponies all dressed up!

Carousel:   A 4-6 pony carousel can be provided for longer, multiple day events.  We can set the Carousel up for shorter events but their is a minimum fee.

NEW NEW NEWwe now offer a "little kids" 4 pony carousel.   This carousel has 4 small ponies that are perfect for ages 5 and under.  For those large events where lines get long or older kids ride over and over and parents tire of standing in line with their little ones.. Why not offer our traditional carousel along with the Little Kids carousel! 
I can guarantee you will experience a lot of thankful parents! 
Note: Most of our ponies can hold up to 100 lbs.   
We also have larger ponies and small horses that can hold up to 160 lbs. Inquire about cost for larger pony (ies)  or horse.

                                 Hand Led verses Carousel

Hand led ponies allow for more interaction between the rider and trainer.   
_  Hand led provides more options as to Where to do the rides at.   Example:  if it is a hot day- the ponies can simply be walked to a new spot,  if the ground is slightly unleveled, the pony rides can still be done.

CAROUSEL:  GREAT FOR LARGE CROWDS where crowd control is needed and where several ponies are needed for several hours.  
Requirements for Carousel:  Level Ground,   easy access for set- up- ,must be able to set up next to trailer.    Shaded area in hot weather.

* if you are looking for info/pricing for birthday party ponies click here.

Hand led ponies:
1 pony - 1 hour     $225    Each additional hour: $100    
2 ponies 1 hour    $350   Each additional hour  $200   
3 ponies 1 hour  $475 Each additional hour  $275
  4 ponies 1 hour:   $600   Each Additional hour: $325

Hand led ponies  added to petting zoos
 $125 per pony for the 1st hour.  
      $100 per pony each additional hour.

   4 pony Carousel
Choose between our traditional carousel which has a weight limit of 115lbs or our "Little Kids" carousel which is our smaller ponies for the little ones (weight limit is 60lbs)
minimum costs:  $900 for up to 3 hours  $200 each additional hour

6 pony Carousel
Minimum cost:  $1200 for up to 3 hours  $300 each additional hour

 Pony Carousel  added to one of our petting zoo options:  
10% discount off Pony Carousel

Inquire about discounts for all day, multiple day events.

Basic Theme  ponies:  add $25 per pony    
Specialty Themes:  Unicorn:  add $75 per pony

For larger ponies/small horse: Prices vary according to time, number etc. .
  Most of our ponies can hold up to 100lbs.  We have larger ponies and small horses that can hold up to 160lbs.   Inquire about cost for large Pony(ies).
Carousel Pictures