Preschool Programs
With the new laws pertaining to field trips, more and more preschools are calling us for programs. 
We have designed several programs that are geared for preschool age children.  
They are fun, educational and interactive!
We offer the Zippity Zoo. This is a 30 minute program with lots of hands on.  It is cost effective and you can pick your own theme.  
Some examples are:
Baby farm animals, 
Feel My Fur!
What do I eat!
Tails and Tales, 
All God's Creatures
Noah's Ark 
or others creative themes
Visit our Zippity Zoo  page click here!
(this page gives you all the details)
Our most popular programs are listed on our programs page. (click here) 
What we do for preschools is gear the program toward their age group. These programs come with amazing animals that preschoolers are just starting to learn about such as:
MONKEY! (Curious George)
SNAKE! (Verde)
 and we still bring some of the favorite fuzzies such as a lovely angora rabbit,  chinchilla (softest fur around!) for the children to touch!

There are several options for time:
For preschoolers 4 and 5 our 
45-60 minute program works great!

We also offer  (2)  25 minute sessions 
for a 1 hour program price!(Click here)
(see also 25 minute session prices)Click here
**We recommend shorter sessions for children under 4.
** We recommend keeping the 2 and 3's in one session 
and the 4's and up in a separate session.  This allows for a greater learning experience.  
** We also recommend keeping groups under 20children
As we travel from school to school we actually LEARN from the teachers and schools!  So I am attempting to make a list of GREAT IDEAS to pass along that maximize learning and keeps the children's attention during programs!

Carpet Squares!  This is one of the best ideas ever.  Each child gets there own carpet piece to sit on.  That way they know exactly where to sit.  You don't have to worry about the children scooting around or getting to close. You can set the carpet squares in a semi circle ahead of time so they know exactly where to sit!  Some schools even got so creative that they decorated and had there names on their carpet Squares!  
We also have a wonderful PETTING ZOO
For information on our PETTING ZOO visit the Petting Zoo Page.
Our petting zoo is great for preschoolers as we set the petting zoo up in such a way that the children can get up-close to the animals and pet them but the animals can not knock the children down or scare them.  The children simply reach there hands through the fence and pet as they please!  We bring unique, clean, small farm friends for the children to enjoy.  They especially love when the rooster crows! 
 For pictures of the set-up click here!
We Can CUSTOMIZE Studying about zoo animals? Rainforest Animals? Farm animals? Birds? Call or Email and we will customize a program for you!

For Preschools we offer 20-25 minute session prices.

                     For groups under 20 children               For groups over 20 children
2 sessions                      $275                                                   $360
3 sessions                      $370                                                   $450
4 sessions                      $415                                                   $525
5 sessions                      $475                                                   $600
6 sessions                      $525                                                   $660

For longer sessions see Program Prices
*These prices are for back to back programs. 
*There is a travel fee  (click here for travel fee estimate)