Daniel Alpaca at New Hope Christian Worship Center
Walk thru Bethleham at Northlake Baptist

Northlake Baptist
Fantail pigeons at live nativity
Thomas the goose and Bethleham the Donkey
 We also have alpacas and llamas that work great for the wise men as camel fill ins! (A little easier to handle then a large camel and in the same family as a camel.) We have some of the best trained and sweetest llamas and alpacas  around!

    We also have a variety of sheep,  including our  Harlequin sheep  spotted sheep trace back to Biblical times when Jacob took all the spotted sheep.. yes,  some sheep do have spots.  We also have smaller more traditional looking Cheviot sheep and the 
Babydoll sheep with their fuzzy faces are just plain cute.

 Don't forget about our adorable cows.  We have miniature Zebus and highlanders.. All great temperaments and a great addition to the villagers and town scenes of a nativity or placed around the manger to take in the birth of Jesus.
Jacob sheep and babydoll sheep
   Goats were an important part of the villagers lifestyle also.  Meet some of our wonderful goats. We have a variety of cute, lovable breeds of goats including several originating in Africa such as the Nigerian Dwarf, Nubian, plus check out our Nigora goats.They have curly coats and some confuse them with sheep! 

Visit our PETTING ZOO page for petting zoo set ups. 
Visit  Nativity Photo page for some great pictures of the animals, nativity set-ups etc.  We can customize a package for you also.  We look forward to this years Nativities.  

 We also have a wonderful variety of chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, doves and rabbits that fit in nicely at the manger or in the Bethlehem village
If you look closely at our pictures you will find our doves, fantail pigeons, and roosters sitting nicely in the background.  A real plus for live nativities.  In fact you may want to ask about the rooster crowing at New Hope Baptist...a memory not easily forgotten.

Below are some of the churches that Wildlife Wonders has worked with.  Make sure you stop by to enjoy the live nativity and to say thank you to all those who have been dedicated to providing such a wonderful ministry and outreach.  
Thank you for your support and dedication to Wildlife Wonders and its ministry.
"Touching lives through God's Creation"

Sardis United Methodist   
Chamblee First U. M. 
Peachtree Presbyterian
Burnt Hickory Baptist
Ponte Vedra Presbyterian
Cascade UMC
Midway United Methodist

child watching fantail pigeons
Peachtree Presbyterian
Have a Camel 
 at your live nativity or Christmas play!  Our camels are trained to cush, lead and walk.
Pricing/ Options: 
This does not include Travel, Out of State or Long Distance fee's

PLEASE READ -   We require a 2nd handler fee for nativities where animals are going to be spread out or where 1 handler is not going to be sufficient to be able to move, walk the animals and keep the area clean.  If you are just wanting animals in one place OUTSIDE within access of our vehicle and all the animals are within a small area- a second handler will no be needed.   In some cases,  where a second handler would be needed we may be able to waive the second handler fee if the event can provide a good volunteer (s)  over 18 years of age.  

Additional handler fee: $125 for 2 hours $50 for each additional hour.

15-16 animals:   2 hours: $690  3 hours: $860   4 hours: $990
Donkey,  6-7  goats and sheep (a variety of breeds:  Cheviots, Jacobs, Babydoll Sheep, Harlequins and Nubian, Nigeria, Pigmy, Angoras, Nigoras plus.
Choose 3 of the following:  Alpaca, Llama, Cow, Mini Horse, Pony
Choose  4-6 of the following:  Rooster, Chickens, Geese, Turkey, Pigs, Rabbits, Ducks, Fantail Pigeons, Doves,  Red/Gold pheasants or others - your preference.

12-13  animals:  2 hours: $550   3 hours: $690   4 hours: $800
 Donkey,  5-6  goats and sheep (a variety of  breeds:  Cheviots,  Jacobs, Babydoll sheep, and Nubians, Nigerian, Pigmy's and Angora goats)
Choose 2 of the following: Alpaca, Llama, Cow, Mini horse, Pony.
Choose  3-4 of the following:  chickens, rabbits, ducks, pigeons, doves, pigs

*Most popular package for "Walk through Bethlehem"  set-ups.
8-9  animals:  2 hours: $420    3 hours: $550    4 hours: $660
 Donkey,  5 small goats and sheep  (A variety of miniature breeds- all trained to walk on leads.) 
Choose  2-3 of the following:  rabbits, ducks, pigeons, doves, chickens, roosters. pigs
Sammy, Obediah and Adah are now  full grown camels They are wonderful addition to your nativity- Due to their large size they  2 professional handlers,  a specially designed trailer and in some cases their own pen and even third handler if they are part of a play or longer nativity!  We also bath, brush and groom them which takes over 1 1/2 hours just to get them ready!  
 These ARE seasonal prices- off season (November, January) we provide 10-20 % discounts  - 
Add to the above options:  2 hours:  $600    $175 each additional hour

Just the Camel:   $700  for 2 hours   Additional hours:  $175
**Inquire about weekday,  multiple and all day discounts and OFF season discounts!
(10-20%  BIG SAVINGS!)
*Discounts are typically NOT given during peak weekends unless over 6 hours per day and 4 days or more are booked
* Prices are subject to change. 

Baby  Camel:  - not available this year
Yearling Camelnot available this year
When we do have a younger/ baby camel available the price is a bit cheaper as they do not require a huge trailer,  can be handled easily by one trainer,  not as much surface area to clean therefore not as much time involved and they do not require the specialized larger gates that an adult camel does.

Add to the above options:  $400 2 hours  $150 each additional hour
Just the yearling  Camel:   2 hours $600   $150 each additional hour

Inquire about discounts available during NON peak times, multiple days and some weekdays.

Donkeys and Horses.
We have trained donkeys and riding donkeys of various sizes.  If you need the perfect donkey in your Easter or Christmas Pageant, Nativities, or Event.   We have several fully trained donkeys! 
Inquire about the costs of our fully trained donkeys, riding donkeys or adding additional donkeys.  Costs vary  depending on set-up, time, handlers, what is required,  type of flooring, preparation  etc.  We also offer ponies, horses and mini horses to add to the scenes.

The above prices are for clean lovable animals and 1 animal handler. (unless stated otherwise)  These prices are based on the church or event providing the manger scene, hay bales or fence, railing to tie the animals to OR actors/volunteers being able to hold, watch and/or walk the animals.  
We can provide extra hay bales,  manger scene,  wooden rail fencing,  shepherds and  other staff dressed in proper attire.  Inquire about customized packages and pricing.

FOR INDOOR SET-UPS.   THEIR ARE Additional fees for indoor set-ups  if we need to provide ground cover.   If  the indoor set up already has ground covering, hay etc.. their will be no additional cost.

TO BOOK:  CLICK HERE TO BOOK.   WE NOW HAVE A NATIVITY BOOKING FORM!  This form helps ensure that your experience with our live nativity animals goes as smoothly as possible and we are able to help you out in the best way possible! 
THIS FORM IS ALSO VERY HELPFUL IN GUIDING THE Nativity Coordinator in making sure they have covered all the necessities in setting up a live Nativity.

You may also  Email or call to make sure the dates/times are available.  Once you have checked on availability- we ask that you fill out the entire  NATIVITY BOOKING FORM  to ensure that we provide you with the best Nativity experience possible!

DEPOSITS:  We require half down as a deposit.   IF booking less then 8 weeks in advance we ask the you pay your deposit with credit card.  Otherwise you may mail in your deposit.   
Deposits may be mailed to:
 Wildlife Wonders  P.O. box 2237 Cleveland GA 30528
NOTE! The below package is offered as a lower cost alternative but these animals are viewing animals only.  they do not include our trained lead animals .   The price is for animals in one smaller area.  If the animals are going to be spread out or inside a 2nd handler fee will be applied.

5 animals:   2 hours: $325     3 hours: $400    4 hours $475
*For 4 hours or more a young/ smaller  donkey is included.  
 For under 3 hours,  the donkey is not included.
2  goats, 2 sheep,  one of the following: roosters, chicken or fantail pigeons
10-11  animals:  2 hours: $470    3 hours: $600    4 hours: $710
Donkey,  5 goats and sheep ( 2 goats, 2 sheep and one other goat or sheep)
Choose 1 of the following:  Cow,  Mini Horse or Llama  
Choose   2-3 of the following:  rabbits, ducks, pigeons, doves, chickens, roosters. pigs
"Most Popular Package"
We can bring the entire Nativity Scene!

Click here for pictures and information on our portable display.
Portable Nativity Display
To add a manger and a small stable to your set up:
Off Season: $400.00 Prime Weekend: $500.00
We also offer Large Stable, Wooden Fencing, Stalls, Extra Straw Bales, and Straw Bale Perimeters at additional costs. We can also provide a full nativity set up including dress up characters, inquire about details and cost.
More information regarding Riding Donkeys!
Live Nativity 
Serving Georgia and surrounding states.
Wildlife Wonders- ZOO TO YOU has provided their animals for many Live Nativities.  Our animals have been involved with 
"Walk thru Bethlehem", indoor plays, outdoor displays and more.  We have leash trained animals special for these occasions.  We have some wonderful donkeys that walk and lead like champs 
(a lot to ask of a stubborn donkey!) You will get to meet Bethlehem or Jerusalem our star donkeys.