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Wildlife Wonders ZOO-TO-YOU
 information and booking form.

Wildlife Wonders ZOO-TO-YOU
Email us:
Call us : (706) 348-7279
Write us:  P.O. 2237 Cleveland GA 30528 

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Wildlife Wonders ZOO-TO-YOU
 information and booking form.
Wildlife Wonders ZOO-TO-YOU
Email us:
Call : (706) 348-7279
Fax: (706) 348-1281
Write us:  P.O. 2237
                Cleveland GA 30528 
Note:  Please be aware that the web does not always function as it should. 
If you do not hear from us within 48 hours please call us at (706) 348 7279
Deposit/Payment information:  
We require a 50% booking deposit. 
 This deposit is non refundable.  
  The rest of the amount is due the day of  event.

Deposit Options:    Please click on the square that applies
*We now accept Visa and Mastercard.   

*If you are booking less then 2 weeks in advance we require that the deposit be paid by Visa or Mastercard and their will be a Late Fee of $5.00 added.

Deposits may be sent to:
Wildlife Wonders 
  P.O Box 2237  
Cleveland GA 30528
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Detailed information 
The below information is the required details of your set-up, display so that we may come prepared and better serve you!
Type of Set-up.
Please choose one or more of the below to best explain your live nativity/play/production.  If none apply. Please check other and explain
Set-up details:
What would you prefer for the animal handler (s) to wear?
  Will the event have the nativity set up and  something to tie out the animals to or containment for the animals?  Wildlife Wonders will provide at no additional charge normal petting zoo panels (red in color)   If however you would like Wildlife Wonders to provide the nativity scene their is an additional charge.   
Will Wildlife Wonders be able to unload and park within 25-50 feet of the scene  
(i.e. vehicles need to be within easy access of the scene,  we will need to be able to unload and load easily with one handler. if this is not possible,  second handler fees will be applied)
If you would like us to provide the containment, floor covering, nativity scene etc.. please check what you would prefer.  These are all additional charges unless stated otherwise.
IF INDOORS:  Will the event be providing the floor covering for the area to display (tie- out) /walk the animals?  If you answer NO -Wildlife Wonders will provide the floor covering, display at an additional charge
IF OUTDOORS:  What is the area that WW will be set up on?  (grass is always preferable unless muddy or wet)
IF OUTDOORS:  What are the Rain Plans?  (For the animals there are many options: The scene can be set up under an overhang, shelter of any type.  The stable area if made large enough with a roof can accommodate the animals.  We can also provide 10 by 10 rain canopies for the animals (there is an additional $25 fee each to bring the rain canopies. There is also the option of moving inside.  Let us know what you would most likely do so that we can prepare properly.
Would you like us to provide a rain canopy if rain is a possibility? (an extra $25 fee per canopy will be applied)  We will call you the day before to confirm that you do want us to bring the rain canopy. IF YOU CHECK YES and we do not hear back from you -we will assume to bring the canopy with us and rain canopy  fee will be applied at that time.   

If you checked YES.   How many rain canopies would you like us to provide? 

 (1 is sufficient for an 8-9 animals the larger packages will require 2.   If you would like more room to spread the animals out,  have people under the canopies.. we recommend at least 2 but we can provide up to 4 10 by 10 canopies.  

(note- we also have a 20 by 40 tent rental- this tent requires being set up the day before and taken down the day after therefore the charge is significantly more.  rental fees:  minimum 1 day fee: $500  (includes set-up and tear down)  multiple days inquire.
(You may skip if you are doing your event inside)
Wildlife Wonders will provide 1 - 10 by 10 tarp at no additional charge but if the animals are going to be spread out or in different areas indoors,  several ground coverings are going to be needed along with additional set up time and- additional fees will apply.
Do you need any of the animals to walk, lead,  or be ridden  being during the scene, nativity, play? 

If you answered NO- you may skip this section.
If you answered YES, please explain WHAT ANIMALS and what you would like the animals to do.
  (i.e camel being walked through the church,   Mary riding a donkey,  shepherds leading the sheep etc..)

Note:  You will need an additional handler for most nativities/plays where walking, leading is required. Their will be additional fees for riding donkeys,  animals being walked indoors and/or Several scenes going on at the same time or back to back.  Plays done outdoors with all animals within sight of each other and adult volunteers willing to help will not require additional fees/handlers.
What type of flooring, terrain  will the animal(s) be walking on?
Are there any obstacles, change in walking terrain, change in environment during the procession? (I.E. steps to go up, cross over bridge, road to cross, traffic, music starts up, children running with palm leaves etc.  Please try to remember all details and explain:
Would you like Wildlife Wonders  to provide hand sanitizer for the guests?

NEW at providing a live nativity, play etc?  Read over this booking form.  This form will help guide you in areas you may not have thought about such as where are you going to house the animals,  what do the animals need to do etc.
Trained Animals/ Walking/ Riding/ Leading animals
Program/Event Date(s):
** I  understand that the deposit needs to be sent as soon as the booking is finalized.  
Program/Event Time:
Contact person(s):
Name of Organization:
Phone (Work):
Phone (Cell):
Event Location Phone/ Cell Phone
Mailing Address:
Type of Event:
Type of Program:
Expected number of guest:
Age Range of guest:
If OTHER:  Please Explain:
If NO:  Please Explain below
Approx: how much area needs to be covered?
Rain Plans:
*Pre packaged Handy Wipes can be set out for guest to purchase at events over 500 guest

Event/program Site Address:
I would like to pay the full amount by Visa or Mastercard
I will be sending the deposit by mail
Paypal secure online payment option-not available at this time
Red Petting Zoo Panels (no additional cost)
Tie - Outs-only available for outdoor programs in a grassy area (no additional costs)
straw bales and tie outs for a natural looking display area
Background Nativity Scene
Nativitiy/Characters- a full live nativity Mary, Joseph, shephards, wiseman
a costume you all will provide
A shephard costume we will provide ($25 additional charge)
Dressed in black or dark colors so as not to stand out
Our normal Wildlife Wonders Attire
Floor Covering
No, we will provide a washing station, hand sanitizer or other option where guest can sanitize their hands.
I would like Wildlife Wonders to provide pump style Hand Sanitizer. I understand their is a $25 fee for smaller events
Yes I would like Wildlife Wonders to provide pump style Hand Sanitizer. I understand their is a $50 fee for larger events.
Yes I would like Wildlife Wonders to provide pre packaged handy wipes for our guest TO PURCHASE