Angora Goat
Angora goats have a wonderful unique curly coat.  This is the reason that they are many times mistaken for a breed of sheep.  There floppy ears and curled horns make Angora goats unique also. Just like sheep and Angora rabbits there coats can be used to spin beautiful sweaters and blankets. They have a unique fiber which makes them stand out.  They are agile jumpers and climbers.

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Nigora Goat
 What is a Nigora? A Nigora is a milking and fiber goat in a small manageable size!We have found the ones we have bred here are great goats with amazing coats, they grow a beautiful cashmere type fleece and is a spinners dreamand they are much hardier and require less upkeep then pure angoras yet they have the cutest curly fleece.