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White Handed Gibbon
Aka:  Lar Gibbon
A Gibbon is a type of ape and therefore develops slowly.  Gibbons are a protected species and we are especially excited to have Mattie join us.   Join the Wildlife Wonders newsletter group or Facebook  to get updates  on "growing up Mattie" . 

Mattie is growing up fast. Awesome opportunity to get up close and personal with her while she is still young!! 
Mattie will be making special appearances to raise funds for  the zoo.  If you would like Mattie at your event or would like to host a fundraising event for the zoo, contact us for more info.
 Program options:  
Asian Extreme:  Learn more about Mattie and her Asian friends 
(click her for more info on Asian Program)
Mattie's Safari: Mattie comes along with a variety of her animal friends.
 (click for safari program info)
8-9 animals  45-60 minutes:   $400   plus travel      
Add Mattie to already existing progams:  $200 and up

Meet and greet with Mattie:   
Get up close and personal with Mattie.  A great opportunity to learn more about her and interact with her.   
1 hour:  $350.   Each additional hour: (inquire) 

**Prices do not include travel   

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Stage Shows
Zippity Zoo
Pony Rides

Mattie and her Bassett Hound Companion
Pictures of Mattie growing up and in action:  click to view larger image or slide show
Click to view larger image or view as slide show