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Animal Adoption Options

Animal Adoption Application
Yes I want to Adopt a "Wildlife Ambassador"

(706) 348 7279
hedgehog, silky chickens

"Thank you for supporting an animal ambassadors here at Wildlife Wonders.  You contributions will go directly towards housing, feeding, care and maintenance  of the animal you adopt.
$5.00 off  membership when added to your  animal adoption package.
Below prices are ONLY good with purchase of animal adoption package
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Yes,  I/We would like to adopt the Wildlife Ambassador(s) listed..
I understand that the adoption is representative only,  and the Wildlife Ambassadors adopted remain in the care of Wildlife Wonders.  In the event that my chosen animal id no longer available for adoption,  I will be notified and allowed to choose an alternate
Cougar, Timberwolf, Bearcat,
Red Kangaroo, Alligator, Crocodile, 
Capuchin Monkey,  Zebra
Animal Species you wish to adopt!

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Lynx,  Serval Cat,  Wallaby, Lemur Coatimundi,  Rattlesnake,  Giant Sulcatta Tortoise,  Camel
Large Burmese Python,  Muntjac Deer,  African Crested Porcupine,
Toucan,  Trumpeter Hornbill
Kookaburra,  Bushbaby,  Fennec Fox,  Skunk,  Black throat Monitor
Opossum,  Patagonian Cavy,  Blue and Gold Macaw,  Cockatoo,  Tibetan Yak,  other exotic livestock..
Chinchilla,  Blue Tongue Skink,  Armadillo,  Hedgehog,  King Snake,

Adoption Certificate
Animal Fact Sheet
Name Displayed on the sponsorship
web board for one year
Email Newsletter
*All Benefits Listed Above
3x5 Photograph of your animal
Wildlife Wonders T-Shirt
*All Benefits Listed Above
Picture of you or your logo displayed on the sponsorship page for one year.
*All Benefits Listed Above
Front page web acknowledgement with your picture/group picture/or logo for 3 months.
Invitation to the 'behind the scenes' day at ZOO TO YOU
Recognition in the next newsletter.
*All Benefits Listed Above
Opportunity for you to receive a       visit or invitation for you to visit your adopted animal. 
Picture of your group with the adopted animal. This picture will be used on the website. 
An engraved plaque.
Plains $50
Savannah $100
Outback $500
I would also like to become a member.
Rainforest $250
I would like to provide a full adoption of the animal in the amount of
Jungle $1000
Check here if you would like the volunteer application sent to you
Basic Memebership $5
Pawprint Membership $20
Pawprint 4 Family Membership $80
add additional pawprint members $15 each
add additional kids club members $20 each
Kids Club $30
Howler Membership $95
Talking Bird Membership $45
If the below information is the same as the adopt and animal information check here.