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Vacation Bible School Themes  
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 KINGDOM CAPERS "Animal Mysteries of Great Britian"

Wildlife Wonders - ZOO TO YOU
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Serving GA and surrounding States

 Amazon Outfitters VBS Flyer 

 Serengetti Adventures:  Options

Fiesta:  With parrots,  iguanas and other mexican animals.  Also the fiesta Donkey rides. 

Treasure Island:  
Bug Safari:  See our bugs and things that eat bugs program
Crocodile Dock!

Boomerang Express  

Saddleback Ridge
Route 254  
High Seas Adventure
Big Apple Adventure
Sonrise:   Lets get up early and check out some of the  amazing animals God created that live in our National Parks.   Don't forget your binoculars as we search for animals from wolves, lynx, deer, hawks, skunks, snakes and more!  We'll learn about which National Park each animal calls home and how God provides for us the perfect home! 
Son Surf Or Beach Blast
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Amazing Wonders
Babylon.   Let's get Courageous together and experience animals found both inside the palace walls and roaming Babylon.   From lizards, snakes and maybe even a visit from a special cat friend!  We can learn to be Courageous just like Daniel and his animal friends! 
Jungle Jaunt:  Lets head to the Amazon Forest and learn to Praise Him, Trust Him and Follow Him.  The one true God!  Here you will discover some of God's amazing animals found in the Amazon forest from Crocodiles, monkeys, snakes, lizards and more.  Let's make your VBS come alive with real live animals and celebrate our One True God!
Colossal Coaster.    Lets take a look at the amazing characteristics that God has given animals to help us face our fears and learn to trust God!  From the amazing jumpers, flyers and predators.  God has given each animal characteristics to help them survive and face their biggest fears!.
Lots of themes or customize!:  
Let us help you get creative! 
Back Yard Bible Camp: Learn about God's Creation Right in your backyard!  
 Farm and Rodeo:  Petting Zoo's, Pony Rides and more,
 RainForest:  Learn about the animals from the rainforest!
Other Great Themes:   Let us help you get creative! 
 Cross Canyon Trail:  Petting Zoo's, Pony Rides and more,
 SunTreasure Island:  Learn about the animals from Islands!
 Our creative team would love to create the perfect stage show, assembly or small group presentation where students can get up close and personal with All God's Creatures and learn about how awesome and mighty our God 
Embark on a Cave Quest VBS Adventure That Will Light Their Way! Gear up for an over-the-top underground adventure! Ground kids in the rock-solid foundation of God’s love, a love that takes us through life’s dark times. 
Submerge Your Kids In God's Word! Take your kids on an adventure like no other, deep within the mysterious sea. As kids submerge themselves in God’s Word, they will discover that Jesus didn’t just see what’s on the outside of people. He looked deep down on the inside. So grab your goggles, step into your flippers, and dive in to find truth below the surface!
We Believe Bible based lessons built with a message that engages and enriches kid for a lifetime is REAL fun.
A Realistic and contemporary theme is but a bridge for kids to connect to people and life from Bible times.
That's VBS with Purpose
More Themes!
New Vacation Bible School Themes!
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