Can be found through out the North Western part of the US and Canada.  Timberwolves come in a variety of subspecies, color variations including Artic, blacks, greys and others.  Wolves do not bark nor have blue eyes or wag their tail like a dog.  While wolves are in the canine family they are much stronger, quicker and more powerful then a dog.   They are also shy and elusive animals by nature.  They work in an incredible yet complex family structure where there is always and Alpha wolf and Omega wolf.   They are not  known to attack humans  but rather they are a a very misunderstood,  mysterious creature that deserves our respect. Their communication in the form of howling has even the best scientist listening and studying trying to pinpoint exactly what they are trying to communicate.  Are they mourning,  looking for each other,  singing? 
Timber Wolves

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