Softbills, Birds of Prey, Parrots and more
To see pictures of any of the birds and learn more about them simply click on the bird  or group of birds you would like to see.

Parrots: -  Click here to go the the parrot page
 Umbrella Cockatoo,  Goffin Cockatoo, Blue and Gold Macaw, Greenwing Macaw, Military Macaw, Double Yellow head Amazon,   Orange Wing Amazon

Birds of Prey:  Red-Tail Hawk,  Harris Hawk,  Barn Owl,  Turkey Vulture

Exotic Soft-bills: Toucan, Touracos, Australian Swamphen, Trumpeter Hornbill,  White- Bellied Stork, Seriema Screamer,  

More: Kookaburra, White Neck Raven,  Seagulls

Seed Eaters:
Peacocks, Red Gold Pheasant, Fantail pigeons, Rock Doves, 

Poultry-  Turkey, silky chickens,  call ducks,  giant cochins and more

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