Llamas and Alpacas can be wonderfully gentle, intelligent, and curious animal.The alpaca is a member of the Camelid family which also includes the llama, vicuna, guanaco and camel. Native to the high Andes plateaus of Peru, Chile and Bolivia,  they have been imported to the U.S. since 1984.  The alpaca unlike the llama which is used primarily as a pack animal, is raised for its luxurious fine fiber.
  Both llamas and Alpacas have the ability to spit but do not do so unless provoked.
Both our llamas and Alpacas have been huge hits with both children and adults alike. 
Here at Wildlife Wonders we have both miniature llamas and alpacas. Alpacas are generally smaller then llamas and have more fiber around their face.  
How a llama (Emma)  became a giraffe..okay just kidding but most of the kids really thought she was a giraffe after being sheared!  See for yourself!
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Alpacas and Llamas 

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