Miniature Pigs

Ham at a petting zoo

Bernice.. a great actor and momma
Flower in her reindeer costume
Our piggys getting ready for their stage debu!  We got Bernice and Flower all decked out for their special part in the play "Deck the Hogs!"  They were a hit!
Christmas Pigs 
We are proud of our piggy's!  We have colorful,  blue eyed,  friendly, small,  funny pigs!  Some of our piggys have even made stage deput while others of our piggys are busy being wonderful moms to beautiful, tiny, colorfull little piggys and of course all our pigs love to travel with us to visit all the guest that will give them belly rubs and maybe have a treat for them.  Below are pictures of our girls and some of their babies  We have found that our piggys are always a big hit.. They are cute, funny, colorful and small!  
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