"Thank you for supporting Wildlife Education"

Are you an animal lover?  Do you love animal planet?  The Crocodile Hunter or Jeff Corwin?  Have you had or are you  having a Wildlife Wonders birthday party? Have you seen one of our programs and just LOVED the animals?  

The KIDS CLUB membership would be just perfect then!

This is great addition to those already booking a birthday party through Wildlife Wonders. or those kids who simply love animals and more!  

We offer $5.00 off if purchased at the time of booking your child's birthday party where we can personally deliver the kids club package!  

A GREAT birthday gift!
*Laminated kids club "cool" membership card
You can choose what animal you want on your cool collectable membership card.  The card has a hook so that it can be worn around your neck or attached to your bookbag. 
*A Wildlife Wonders T-Shirt
You can wear a Wildlife Wonders T-Shirt and look like just like our zookeepers!
*Kids Club Online Newsletter
This newsletter is choked full of fun animal related activites, pictures and news.  Comes with animal quiz's,  where we will be at,  coloring sheets you can print off,  updates on new animal arrivals and cute stories on some of your favorite animals.
Keep your membership card with you.  When you come to an event that we are set up at,  show us your card and receive a free gift. You may recieve a Wildlife Wonders sticker,   a feedcup to feed the animals at the event,  bookmarks and much much more.  Watch for us at local church's, schools, festivals and more.

*Kid volunteer events
if you are 10 and older we will also keep you posted on Kid's volunteer events.  These are events where we allow those special kid volunteers to help us out.  Typically with our petting zoo or small touchable animals.  You may have a chance to hold a rabbit while others pet,  feed and water the animals and much more.
Training is typically 30 minutes before the event and volunteers will be required to register before the event.
Depending on the event  their will also be  a maximum number we can take.
The dates for these events will be posted in the Kids Club newletter.
*Discount card for YOUR school.
Take the 5-10% discount card to you school and they will receive a discount for having us to your school.  You will receive special recognition and a free gift!
Kids Club/ Membership Application form. Click here!